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Free Ride Certificates

FRC Program Information

  • Length of qualifying delay is 30 minutes or if an unscheduled cancellation of a train occurs.
  • VRE will not issue FRCs for delays incurred by Amtrak trains listed on our schedule.
  • Must be validated at Ticket Vending Machines no more than one hour prior to each ride
  • Crews will issue FRCs on-board at the time of delay whenever possible. Should you not receive an FRC when they are handed out on the train, please speak to a conductor before you detrain.
  • Please note that FRC requests submitted to our office for delayed trains when an on-board distribution has occurred will not be honored.
  • If FRCs are not handed out on the train at the time of a qualifying delay, all requests will be handled by mail using our FRC Request Form. This form may be mailed or emailed in with a copy of your valid ticket to On-board distribution will not occur on the following service day.
  • FRCs for cancelled trains will be issued on the next train the same day.
  • FRCs will not be exchanged after they expire.
  • VRE reserves the right to refuse any written request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Free Ride Certificate and how do I get one?

Virginia Railway Express is one of only three transit agencies that guarantees its on-time performance.

If a VRE train enters a station 30 minutes or more behind schedule, passengers detraining from that point forward are entitled to receive one FRC good for a FREE one-way trip on VRE. FRC's are distributed on the affected train the same service day of the delay.

This is just another measure that VRE takes to be sure that you have the most pleasant, consistent and reliable service possible.

How are FRCs redeemed?

Like a Single-Ride or Ten-Ride ticket, FRCs MUST be validated in the platform ticket vending machines prior to boarding. Once validated, FRCs should then be displayed on the train for inspection by a conductor.

FRC's were not distributed on my train today, what do I do?

If FRC's are not distributed on the train and the train was 30 minutes behind schedule, passengers must request them from our office using an FRC Request Form.

If you were inconvenienced by a train that was cancelled, please send us an FRC Request Form along with with a copy of your valid ticket.

Virginia Railway Express
1500 King Street, Suite 202
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax: 703/684-1313

If you have questions concerning the policy or your eligibility for a Free Ride Certificate, please feel free to send an e-mail or call us at (703) 684-1001.

My FRC expired what do I do?

Expired FRCs will not be exchanged.

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