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Information for Persons with Disabilities

Riders with disabilities need a VRE issued Reduced Fare ID or a Medicare Card to purchase discounted tickets. Previous forms of identification will no longer be accepted.

Below are the most asked questions regarding the Reduced Fare ID program. If you have a question, feel free to email Gotrains.

Who Qualifies?

Anyone who is in possession of a current VRE Reduced Fare ID or valid Medicare Card.

How Do I Obtain A VRE Reduced Fare ID Card?

The application for the VRE Reduced Fare ID card needs to be filled out by both the rider and the rider's physician who can best give information about the nature of the disability.

There are several ways for you to submit your application, which are listed below. Please keep in mind that you must submit a headshot.jpg in order to have your application processed.

  • Fax your application to (703) 838-5422
  • Email your application to Anna Gotthardt
  • Mail your application to our office:
    Virginia Railway Express
    Attn: Reduced Fare ID
    1500 King Street, Suite 202
    Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Drop it off at the VRE Headquarters

If you choose to fax or email your application and photo in advance to start the application process, you must mail the ORIGINAL physician's certification to the address listed above within 3 business days. For additional information, please visit the Reduced Fare ID Card FAQ page.

How much is the discount?

The discount is 50% off the cost of a regular priced VRE ticket, with the exception of the VRE-TLC ticket. Visit our reduced-fares page to view all discounted ticket prices.

Where Can You Purchase discounted VRE Tickets?

Discounted tickets can only be purchased from certain vendors (as well as CommuterDirect). For a list of those vendors, please visit the Vendor Information page.

Do I have to carry the ID with me on the train?

Once you have obtained your VRE Reduced Fare ID or Medicare card, carry it with you when you board the train. Conductors have the right to examine the ID used to purchase discounted tickets.

Does VRE offer a disabled attendant pass?

Passengers who require assistance from their origination station to their destination station may have a certified assistant ride with them for free. A disabled attendant pass is available for those persons needing an attendant to help them navigate the VRE system. This pass is valid for any single attendant assisting a rider holding a valid VRE ticket.

How do I Apply for a Disabled Attendant Pass?

To apply for a disabled attendant pass, the following must be submitted to VRE:

  • A request letter from the disabled rider that includes their name, address, daytime telephone number and their current boarding and alighting stations.
  • A letter from the disabled person's physician on his or her official letterhead explaining the nature of the disability and why special assistance is needed for commuting on VRE trains.

The letter must be mailed to Virginia Railway Express at the address below:

1500 King Street, Suite 202
Alexandria, VA 22314
Attn: Disabled Attendant Pass

Upon receipt and verification, VRE will create a special fare exempt flash pass for an attendant. This process usually takes 10 working days from receipt.

An attendant fare exempt pass may be used only when the attendant is riding with the disabled person using a valid ticket. The attendant cannot have a disabling injury that negates the benefit of their being an attendant. The pass will be valid through the calendar year and can only be renewed at the request of the disabled patron. All passes expire on December 31 of each year. To renew a pass for the next year a new letter and request must be received by VRE no later than November 15 to avoid delays in processing.

What Do You Do When You Get To The Station?

After you have purchased your discounted ticket and arrived at the station you are planning to depart from, make sure that you validate your ticket in the validating machine on the platform. If you require the use of the on-board wheel chair lift, board at the far North end of the platform where you see the accessibility logo as the rail car equipped with the chair lift will stop there. The conductors will operate the chair lift. VRE also has visual public address systems at every station. If you need any further assistance, our conductors are always very helpful and available. Just make them aware of your need.

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