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Special Programs

VRE offers many programs and provisions that are designed to make commuting even easier. Browse the options below to determine if and how these programs can work for you!


VRE provides a convenient access for all of its passengers with wheelchair and elevator access, along with TTY phones located at several of our stations.

For more information, please visit our Accessibility page.

Reduced Fare Programs

VRE offers three programs that qualify for reduced-fares. These programs allow qualifying passengers to receive a 50% discount off of all of our tickets, with the exception of the VRE-TLC Pass. All reduced-fare tickets must be purchased at one of our qualifying ticket vendors or through CommuterDirect:

For more information, click on one of the programs listed above.

Group Fares
Have a group of 10 or more and want to travel on VRE? Then we've got you covered! Make your arrangements through us and we can provide you a discount on your tickets. For more information, visit our Group Fare page.
Guaranteed Ride Home

Have an emergency at home, but you rode the train in that morning?

Commuter Connections has a program called Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) that can get you home for free in an emergency. For more information, visit our GRH page.

Security Blanket
Your family is our family. And, because we care about being on-time just as much as you do, we want to take care of any extra late fees for childcare because of our tardiness. For more information, visit our Security Blanket page.
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