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Discounted Tickets For Senior Citizens

VRE offers reduced-fare tickets to senior citizens aged 65 and older. Please view the Q&A below to determine if you qualify.

How Much Is The Discount?

The discount is 50% off the cost of a regular priced VRE ticket, with the exception of the VRE-TLC ticket. Visit our reduced-fares page to view all discounted ticket prices.

Where Can You Purchase The Discounted VRE Tickets?

To determine which location is closest to you, please visit our vendor information page.

Who Qualifies?

Senior Citizens are defined by this policy as persons who are age 65 or older. Seniors can prove eligibility for discounted tickets with any valid photo ID that displays their birth date, or a valid medicare card.

What Do You Do When You Get To The Station?

After you have purchased your discounted ticket and arrived at the station you are planning to depart from, make sure that you validate your ticket in the validating machine on the platform prior to boarding the train. If you need any further assistance, our conductors are always available to serve you.

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