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Policies Aboard VRE Trains


Items which do not cause safety hazards or inconvenience to other passengers are permitted. For oversized bags, please check with the conductor on your train to find the best possible storage space available.

VRE disclaims all liability for carry-on baggage, including special items, even if VRE personnel have handled or assisted in loading or unloading the baggage.


Visit the Bicycle Policy page for more information.

Food and Beverages

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed on-board trains. Please dispose of wrappers and containers in proper receptacles.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted onboard Virginia Railway Express trains. Smoking is also limited to 100 feet on the north end of the platform. This includes, but not limited to, pipes, cigars, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes.

Pets and Guide Animals

Only small pets are allowed, and only if carried in closed containers. Trained guide and service animals assisting persons with disabilities are permitted at all times.

Quiet Cars

The car immediately behind the locomotive on the south end of all VRE trains is the Quiet Car. When in this car customers are asked to refrain from using cell phones, keep pager, phone and PDA sounds off, and speak only in whispers. For more information on Quiet Cars, click here to visit our Quiet Car page.

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