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Manassas Line Stations

Burke Centre Station - Zone 4

burke centre station


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Check out this station's yelp* reviews:

The Burke Centre Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Station is an improved commuter rail station with some of the largest FREE - repeat, free, commuter parking in all of the DC Metropolitan area. The five-level parking garage building never, ever gets full. And there are two other large outdoor parking areas on each side of the building leading to the train platform.

The VRE station serves a large commuter area with double-decker train service from the Manassas Airport, well past the edge of the world, into Union Station, with additonal downtown stops at L'Enfant, Crystal City, and Alexandria to serve the commuter population. There are both, a Target and a Wal-Mart within a stone's throw away from the station.

The change in demographics between VRE and Metro are amazing. Metro is primarily tourists and fit yuppies going all over the city. VRE is more of a sedentary crowd sporting paunches of different sizes, affirming their suburban sedentary existence....

VRE has outstanding customer service, an enviable on-time record, and save earthquakes and disasters, the trains run as scheduled. Since I moved from DC three months ago, the train has been more than two minutes late only once. Again, except during the recent earthquake when they had to stop train service to examine the rail lines before they allowed the trains to run at their normal speed.

The only downside of the VRE is that they don't run during non-commuting hours, nor on weekends. Hopefully gas prices will keep on climbing to incentivize more people to take mass transit and then VRE will be able to run a profit during weekends. Were that the case, there wold be no need to travel by car to and from DC...


I really enjoy the Burke Station VRE given that there has always been available free parking. The station area is clean and well kept. When I think of commuting in towards Alexandria or into DC, I always grimace at the thought of the trials of Metro's Orange line in Vienna and smile at the though of a wider clean seat, free parking, better climate control, and overall efficient ride from the Burke Station. My station of choice.

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