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Inner City Stations

L'Enfant Station - Zone 1

l'enfant station



There is no parking available at this station.

Check out this station's yelp* reviews:

The L'Enfant Station VRE is one of the destination stations in downtown DC serving both the Fredericksburg and Manassas Lines of the Virginia Railway Express. Its two entrances lie between 6th and 7th Streets SW and only the 7th Street is handicapped accessible. Parking is available in the vicinity and it's one of the more expensive parking areas in the city. Most people come into L'Enfant and return home, so it's not a station from which to embark a trip to the suburbs. On the other hand, Why would anyone want to do that?....

The interminably long outdoor station is located along the rail line with a large covered area. Just across the street from each entrance there are several hotels, two Starbucks, a food mall, and the cluster of government office buildings that make up this otherwise very sterile government area.

The station, besides serving both VRE lines, is a short walk from the Metrobus stations on each side of L'Enfant as well as the Metrorail station on 7th Street. If the traveler has a Link Card, the ticket is valid on both. Else it is necessary to purchase separate tickets. The DC Circulator also serves the station a short walk outside the station.

L'Enfant also serves a couple of Amtrak trains that stop there to pick up passengers on the way.

The train platform also has several machines to purchase or validate VRE tickets.

Extremely convenient location if you're in the Government bureaucracy.


Walking distance from verizon center and smithsonian museums. Easy transfer to metro if your train chooses to make you get off here for reasons unknown.



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