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VRE-TLC - The Transit Link Card

Are you commuter that needs to use VRE and Metro in order to reach your destination? Then the VRE-TLC ticket is for you! Below you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the program as well as contact information.

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What is the VRE-TLC?

VRE-TLC (Virginia Railway Express - Transit Link Card) is a joint fare card good for travel on both VRE and Metro.

Who is the TLC for?

The TLC is for passengers seeking unlimited trips on VRE and Metrorail for one calendar month for one low price.

How much does the TLC cost?
Zone of Origin Fare
9 $416.90
8 $398.40
7 $379.90
6 $361.80
5 $343.40
4 $325.10
3 $306.70
NOTE: The VRE-TLC ticket is exempt from the reduced-fare discount.
Where can I purchase one?

Most of our off-site vendors sell TLCs. See our vendor page to find out if your vendor of choice sells TLCs.

What if my TLC ticket is lost?

VRE can replace the VRE portion of the ticket -- however, a few simple rules apply.

  1. Call the VRE Office as soon as possible to report a lost ticket. If your ticket is found, we will contact you and make arrangements to return it to you. Recovered TLC tickets will be given to the conductor of your evening train.
  2. If you lose a TLC ticket that is not found within 48 hours of reporting it missing, you are eligible for a replacement for the portion of the ticket that provides travel on the VRE. Simply call us again to confirm that the ticket was not found, and we will send/deliver a VRE Monthly ticket to you. (Proof of purchase may be required, so please retain your receipt when purchasing your TLC ticket.)
  3. You may also wish to contact Metro's lost and found office to see if your TLC ticket was turned in. Unfortunately, Metro will not reissue missing TLC tickets.
  4. We will do our best to recover lost tickets; however, we are not responsible for them. You must have a valid ticket prior to boarding a VRE train, so it is your responsibility to purchase a new ticket to use until the missing ticket surfaces. It is also important to remember that vendors cannot replace lost tickets.
What if I need a refund?

We understand that sometimes plans change after a ticket is purchased. TLC tickets are refunded at 100% prior to the first of the month. After the first of the month, no credit can be given for the Metrorail portion of the fare. However, VRE will provide a refund for the VRE portion of the ticket under the following conditions:

  1. If you request a refund before the effective month begins; we will refund the VRE portion of your purchase 100%.
  2. If your request is made during service days 1-15 of the effective month, you will receive the VRE Monthly ticket purchase price minus two Single-ride full fares applicable to the origin and destination zone pairing for each service day operated prior to the postmark on the returned ticket.
  3. No refunds for VRE tickets past the 15th service day will be granted.
  4. A copy of your receipt is required for any refund request.
  5. Send Ticket Refund Requests To:

    Virginia Railway Express
    Attn: Ticket Refund Request
    1500 King Street, Suite 202
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314

What if my TLC ticket is Demagnetized?

The VRE portion of the ticket should be retained for use as if it were a VRE Monthly ticket. Because this portion of your ticket is validated for travel on VRE by your signature, it is unaffected by the demagnetization.

The Metro portion must be taken to one of the three Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) locations listed below. They will confirm that your ticket has been demagnetized, and provide a replacement ticket valid for travel on Metrorail. Please retain your VRE ticket. You will need it for travel on VRE. These locations will be able to assist you with this transaction:

Metro Headquarters (Lobby)
600 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Metro Center Sales Office
12th and F Street, NW
(Metro Center station)
Washington, DC

Metro Pentagon Sales Office
Pentagon Concourse
(Pentagon station)

Please contact Metro Center with any questions regarding directions to these offices and their service hours at (202) 636-3425.

How do I get more information?

If you have any other questions about TLC that are not answered on this page, please contact VRE at (703) 684-1001.

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