Advertising on VRE Platforms and Trains

Advertising on the Platforms and On Trains

VRE offers advertising opportunities on board our trains as well as on our platforms. By using these advertising locations, it is an opportunity to reach a very high-end, coveted demographic right where they commute.

*Prices for advertising vary depending on number of stations and ad run-times.

Platform Posters

Placed along the length of the platform

46"H x 60"W

For historical reasons, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Manassas and Union Station are not available for advertising opportunities.

Interior Car

Designed for the inside of the train in the vestibules

22"H x 21"W

Decal-styled ads for the interior walls are also available and reviewed on a case-by-case basis

All advertising on our platforms and trains is handled through Outfront Media Group, LLC. Interested parties should contact Dan Langdon at (202) 775-9115 or by email at