Commuter Connections

Just as VRE continues to operate (albeit at a reduced schedule), the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program and all other Commuter Connections services have remained available. During the pandemic, essential workers in the Washington metropolitan region received support from Commuter Connections to enable them to commute with confidence to and from the workplace.

Commuter Connections is a network of transportation organizations in the region that has assisted commuters for over forty-five years. Whether it’s transit, carpools, bicycling, walking, or teleworking, Commuter Connections encourages and facilitates the use of commuting methods antithetical to the single occupant vehicle (SOV). 

The free Guaranteed Ride Home program provides up to four rides home each year, due to illness, unexpected emergencies, and unscheduled overtime. To become eligible, commuters must use VRE (or other SOV alternatives) to and from work at least twice a week.

Many Northern Virginia residents who ordinarily commute on the VRE are temporarily teleworking during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the nature of certain types of jobs however, some area workers simply do not have that option. These essential and other workers are supported by the services of VRE coupled with the GRH program, which provides a safety net for their commute.

To assist workers during the pandemic, Commuter Connections launched its Commute with Confidence webpage and guide, full of COVID-19 safety guidelines for transitioning back to the workplace. It also includes tips on how to use the region’s public transportation system, in a safe and healthy manner.

VRE has taken protective steps for commuting during the pandemic. For example, VRE passenger cars are sanitized multiple times daily, especially commonly touched surfaces such as seats, handholds, etc. While you are riding VRE to and from work, you can also use the Commuter Connections incenTrip program and earn points that can be redeemed for cash.

To access the free services of Commuter Connections such as Guaranteed Ride Home and incenTrip as well as other commuting options, visit and set up a free account. For questions and further assistance, call 800 745-7433.

Crystal City Station Improvements
Update: Crystal City Station Improvements

The Crystal City Station Improvements project is scheduled to complete the Preliminary Engineering (PE) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review phase of the project by spring 2021. The station improvements include an island platform with two entrances within the existing railroad right-of-way.

OmniRide and Virginia Railway Express Partners in Public Transit
OmniRide & VRE: Partners in Public Transit

OmniRide is honored to be able to partner with VRE to meet the travel needs of the region’s essential workers and for passengers making essential travel to employment, grocery stores, health care appointments, and more.

Federal Mask Mandate
Federal Mask Mandate

The President issued an Executive Order, Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel,  requiring masks to be worn on trains.  

VRE Mobile Update
VRE Mobile Update
If your phone isn't set to automatically update, open VRE Mobile and manually update by clicking "Update My App" or vist Google Play or the App Store directly.
Commuter Connections
Commuter Connections

The coronavirus pandemic has heavily impacted the way area residents work on a daily basis. With continued travel restrictions for many, working from home has become a common practice. For those required to commute to the worksite during the pandemic, Commuter Connections never stopped providing assistance.