Mobile Tickets:

I have a new mobile phone. How do I recall my tickets onto the new phone?

  1. Log into your online account at
  2. Go to “My Tickets”
  3. Click the “Move Tickets From” box and select your old device
  4. Then click the “Move Tickets To” box and select “New Device”
  5. Click “Transfer Tickets”
  6. Go to “My Tickets” in the app on your old device and hit “Refresh” (all tickets should have been removed).
  7. On the new device, go into “My Tickets” and hit “Refresh”. All tickets will now be on your new device.

**   You will need both devices in order to transfer tickets. If your phone has been lost or stolen, you will need to contact VRE to help transfer your tickets.

I’m trying to buy a monthly pass with mobile, why isn’t the monthly showing up?

Mobile monthly tickets can be purchased for the next month on the 23rd of the current month. If you are using SmartBenefits for the first time, you can only purchase your monthly ticket on the 1st day of the new month.

I bought a mobile day pass and it says it expires today?

Tickets should expire one year from purchase, unless they are immediately validated. Check to make sure that it doesn't say "expires 2018". If it does say 2018, you should be able to validate that ticket on the specific day you wish to travel.

I bought a mobile ticket but I need to exchange it for another ticket.

We cannot do a ticket exchange in the mobile app. We can refund tickets you purchased with your personal credit card and then you can repurchase the correct tickets you need. We cannot refund tickets in the mobile app if purchased with SmartBenefits.

How do I purchase a mobile VRE ticket with electronic SmartBenefits?

Go to and allocate your benefits before the 21st of the previous month to either VRE Mobile, a VRE vendor or Commuter Direct. For a visual of how to allocate, visit our website at and click on “How To” videos.

For further assistance please call WMATA SmartBenefits helpline at 202-962-1326 (option 3).

How do I get a reduced fare ticket on my mobile phone?

Please fill out this application: and email it to (Make sure to include a headshot for your ID.) Once approved we will send you an ID, then you can enter the ID number into the app. Reduced fares will then be available for purchase under “Select Fare.”

Paper Tickets:

My credit card was charged but no ticket was issued from the ticket vending machine (TVM).

If your ticket does not print you usually will not be charged. Your bank will show a pending transaction but it will drop off in a few days. If it does not drop off after a couple of days, please contact us and we will research your claim and if applicable we will issue a refund back to the original credit card that you purchased your ticket with.

Can I get a refund for SmartBenefits that have been used?

We cannot refund SmartBenefits.

I didn’t use all of my benefits and now they are missing.

Any unused benefits will be sent back to the government at the end of the month.

I need to refund a ticket.

For a refund request, we need your original ticket(s), receipt of your purchase and your phone number.

My ticket was captured/eaten by the ticket machine.

When you contact us to make a report, please make sure you get the number of the ticket machine (located in the upper right hand corner of the machine) that captured your ticket. Once verified, we will mail you a replacement ticket.

7-Day Pass ... Service or Calendar Days?
The 7-Day Pass: Service or Calendar Days?

The 7-Day Pass is good for seven consecutive calendar days once validated. So, rather than counting the number of service days after you validate, use your calendar to track which days your ticket will be honored.

7-Day and 31-Day Passes Now Available
7-Day and 31-Day Passes Now Available

Convenient, flexible and economical, two new fare passes were designed with the rider in mind. The 7-Day and 31-Day Passes are now available on VRE Mobile.

USB Tethering
USB Tethering

VRE will not have Wi-Fi available until cell phone towers are put in place all along the route so that riders have 100% connectivity. Sometimes during the ride, however, you undoubtably wish your laptop had an Internet connection. USB tethering may fit the bill.

OmniRide Launches Real-Time App
OmniRide Launches Real-Time App

OmniRide now has its own mobile app to provide passengers with real-time bus arrival information and updates.

Use the app, and ride a FREE OmniRide shuttle to catch a VRE train!

Temporary cost reduction of a single-ride Amtrak Step-Up
Step-Up Cost

For the summer of 2019, we've lowered the cost of a single-ride Amtrak Step-Up ticket from $8 to $4! Learn more on the Step-Up page, then consider VRE Mobile to purchase your multi-ride VRE tickets and Amtrak Step-Up tickets.