Receive Alert Messages: Tips for Registering for Train Talk
Receive Alert Messages: Tips for Registering for Train Talk

Still not a member of VRE’s Train Talk news service? Why not? It only takes a couple of minutes to join. The program takes you through a series of steps so that you can customize your account and only receive alerts that are important to you.

New System for Train Talk
VRE to Use Everbridge Starting March 9th

VRE is transitioning to a new system to send Train Talk alerts. For many of you, no action is required to continue receiving Train Talks. However, if you originally subscribed for VRE alerts through another organization, you will need to opt-in to receive messages through Everbridge.

News and Delay Alerts
Receiving News and Delay Alerts

VRE embraces the world of social networking sites to both communicate and interact with our riders.

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Fare Increases: Why, What and How
Fare Increases: Why, What and How

Why do fares sometimes need to be increased? How does VRE present the need to the public, and how will a fare increase affect you?

Quantico VRE Feeder
FRED Transit to Start New Quantico VRE Feeder Service in May 2019

Beginning Wednesday, May 1, 2019, FREDericksburg Regional Transit (FRED) will start early morning and late afternoon feeder bus service between Aquia Towne Center, the north VDOT commuter lot on Route 610/Garrisonville Road and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station in Quantico, VA. 

The Many Ways VRE Communicates with Passengers - Infographic