VRE Mobile Update

Get Started with the New VRE Mobile


We've updated VRE Mobile to position us for future enhanced functionality.


Please update VRE Mobile and reset your password as described below to get started. 


Please update to the new VRE Mobile
Why did we change VRE Mobile? We are working on long-term enhancements to VRE Mobile. To support our future goals, we are working with a new mobile application developer.
Step 1: Update VRE Mobile
If your phone isn't set to automatically update, open VRE Mobile and manually update by clicking "Update My App" or visit Google Play or the App Store directly.

If you experience issues updating, please uninstall VRE Mobile and reinstall from Google Play or the App Store.


Step 2: Reset Password
The first time you open the new VRE Mobile, you will need to click “forgot password” on the login screen and subsequently reset your password. We respect your privacy and our developer follows stringent guidelines to protect your private information. In addition to resetting your password, you will need to reenter any saved credit card information.
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Step 3: Allow Camera
Rather than an animated ticket, this version of VRE Mobile will use the camera on your phone during onboard ticket inspection. This will make it very easy for the conductor to see the live environment around you.
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Connect SmartBenefits
You will have to reenter your SmarTrip® card number to reconnect your SmartBenefits® account to VRE Mobile. Any January SmartBenefits dollars you have remaining are now available, and you will see your full monthly allocation amount starting February 1st.
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Unused & Active Tickets
Unused and active tickets are now in your account with the exception of Amtrak Step-Up tickets as the program is still currently suspended. Should you not see all unused and active rides as expected after logging in and refreshing your screen, please email or call 703-684-1001. Please note expired or used tickets from the previous system will not show. Also note you are not really limited to one device with the new VRE Mobile. You can use your account on multiple phones. However, once a ticket is activated, it will only be accessible on whatever device was used to activate it.
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Split Payments
VRE Mobile still offers split payments. You'll see a "split payment" option when adding or changing payment information. On a related note about payment methods, we will be adding Paypal, Google Pay and Apple Pay options soon.
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By-Passing Stations During a Delay
By-Passing Stations During a Delay

By-passing a station is something done only if absolutely necessary. The decision to express any train past a station is always made with the operational interest of the entire railroad (VRE, Amtrak and freight) in mind. It is typically invoked when one train is operating so late that it is practically operating on the next train's schedule.

Trains, Bicycles, and Scooters -- Oh My! Using Shared Mobility Devices to Complete Your VRE Trip
Trains, Bicycles, and Scooters -- Oh My!

VRE’s rail lines are a huge benefit to commuters across Northern Virginia and the D.C. area. But, as great as they are, the “first” and “last” mile of one’s commute can sometimes be a challenge since not all of our stations are within a comfortable or convenient walking distance of one’s origination or destination. Of course, there are bus services, shuttles, Metro, and shared ride car services. However, here's an option that's good for you: there are several new opportunities for commuters who would like to use a bicycle or e-scooter once they get off the train.