New System for Train Talk

VRE is transitioning to a new system to send Train Talk alerts. For many of you, no action is required to continue receiving Train Talks. However, if you originally subscribed for VRE alerts through another organization, you will need to opt-in to receive messages through Everbridge.

Everbridge Member Portal

Create an account through VRE's Everbridge member portal. Once you create your account or log in, you will be asked to provide the way you would like to be notified (text message and/or email). Please note, you will be notified through all of the methods you provide. Once registered, you may edit your preferences at any time. If you have questions or need help signing up, contact us at

Everbridge Advantages

There are several reasons VRE decided to transition to Everbridge from our current alert system, including:

  • We at VRE are positioning ourselves to send higher quality alerts. Once fully realized, the Everbridge implementation will allow us to standardize our messaging and employ quicker processes.
  • Many organizations in the region are also using Everbridge. Riders may use the Everbridge app to not only see VRE messages, but also alerts from other systems.
  • Everbridge allows for push notifications and we are aligning ourselves to employ this technology in VRE Mobile. 

Download the Everbridge app on the App Store or Google Play.

What to Expect

VRE will begin sending messages through Everbridge on March 9, 2020. Even though no action may be needed, we encourage you to create an account to ensure there is no interruption in receiving Train Talks. 

Train Talks will change in appearance over the next several months with the goal of faster, improved information.


VRE will begin sending messages through Everbridge on March 9th. We encourage you to create an account to ensure there is no interruption in receiving Train Talks.

  • Everbridge accounts are not the same as VRE Mobile accounts and are in no way associated with SmartBenefits.
  • Most accounts are being migrated from our current alert service, so for many, no action is required. However, if you signed up for Train Talks through another service or site other than VRE's, you must create an Everbridge account.
  • Even if your information is migrated automatically, we encourage you to create an account.   
VRE Mobile Update
VRE Mobile Update
If your phone isn't set to automatically update, open VRE Mobile and manually update by clicking "Update My App" or vist Google Play or the App Store directly.
Commuter Connections
Commuter Connections

The coronavirus pandemic has heavily impacted the way area residents work on a daily basis. With continued travel restrictions for many, working from home has become a common practice. For those required to commute to the worksite during the pandemic, Commuter Connections never stopped providing assistance. 

Virtually Explore a Train
Virtually Explore a Train

Wondering what the social distancing cues look like at VRE stations and on our trains? Take a peek with this interactive tour.  

The New VRE Mobile is Coming
The New VRE Mobile is Coming

We are currently in the final stages of testing the app to be sure it meets your (and our) expectations. The app is nearly ready for launch, so here is what you can expect in the coming months.

Pulling the Public into Transportation Planning: A Top FAMPO Goal
Public Involvement in FAMPO's Planning

FAMPO carries out its responsibility by creating a forum where members of the public, elected and appointed officials, transit agencies, and transportation professionals come together to discuss concerns, take funding action, and continuously cooperate to improve the region’s transportation system.