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  • Drown Proffing from woodbridge asks
    What about the life jackets.. are we going to get them?????

    VRE Response
    No, not at this time.

  • from Manassas asks
    The new schedule is making everyone late and missing their bus in the morning. Is there anything you can do to fix this?

    VRE Response
    All of the local bus agencies have been contacted with our new schedule.  As they make adjustments to their current schedules they will try to adjust to be able to meet our trains.

  • Debbie from Broad Run, VA asks
    I saw in a previous comment that someone was complaining about the Quiet Car and people not being quiet. Could you please explain the significance behind the Quiet Car? Why do people have to have a quiet car and why must they be so rude? If they can't handle riding on the train and hearing any type of noise then why don't they buy ear plugs. I personally refer to is as the kiddie car as well as the people that just refuse to listen to instructions to NOT cue up in the aisle before leaving a station as the kindergartners that would never abide by the rules.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the observations Debbie.  The Quiet Car was originally offered as an amenity for some passengers who desired a more peaceful ride.  While some passengers may take it to extremes, the service is popular.  We will, however, suspend the Quiet Car rules when crowding is an issue.

  • Debbie from Broad Run, VA asks
    There have been times that due to when the buses arrive on 7th St, that I have missed the Manassas train that is up on the platform. I or someone else may yell up to the conductors to please wait that someone else is coming and yet they will still close the doors and leave, but I could be there waiting for my train and a Fredericksburg Train pulls up and their conductors seem very gracious to wait for passengers to get on the train as best they can. Why can't Manassas Conductors be as courteous to passengers?

    VRE Response
    The conductors are required to depart the station at the scheduled time.  L'Enfant is our busiest station, and to avoid cascading delays, we need to get those trains in and out as quickly as possible.  If it seems like some conductors are simply being gracious and holding for late arriving passengers, they are probably just waiting for their scheduled time to depart, or waiting for a clear signal to depart.

  • Lee from L'Enfant asks
    Just for your awareness... the recent tie replacement activity in the vicinity or L'Enfant station seriously chewed up the leading edge of the yellow safety stripe.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for letting us know. We will have our Facilities Manager look into it.

  • Ray from Fredericksburg asks
    Can anything be done at Quantico to prevent people from running down the tracks/track bed to catch a train already at the station? I've witnessed several people (including a Marine Captain in uniform) ignore the gates, run along the tracks and behind train 303 to catch that train. Maybe the conductors can either forbid them from boarding or issue a $1,000.00 ticket. SOMETHING! I'd hate to have to be stuck for 3-4 hours on the train while the cleanup takes place... just because some knucklehead was impatient.

    VRE Response
    Crossing the tracks against the gates, and walking down the right of way is trespassing.  We have held crossing safety blitzes to help spread the word and have assistance from both the Military Police and CSX police with enforcement efforts, but it is an ongoing challenge.

  • RJ from Spotsylvania asks
    Can something be done regarding the Spotsylvania parking lot? Most people seem to think the "Stop" signs don't apply to them. I've seen multiple people fly thru them barely touching their brakes (if they even think about touching them at all). It is a catastrophe just waiting to happen.

    VRE Response
    This is not a parking lot issue this is a driver behavior issue.  We will ask Spotsylvania County to consider enforcing basic traffic rules within the parking lot.

  • Santa from North Pole asks
    Why are the tickets for the Santa rides sold out in 3-4 minutes each year? Seems like it could either be an expanded program or make it in person purchases only so everyone can get a chance. This is TicketMaster ticket robo-hording sales times.

    VRE Response

    Selling tickets in 3-4 minutes should seem like forever for a guy who can visit millions of homes in the course of one night.

    We are currently operating as many trains as we can, the program is just very popular.  The lines at the vendor locations where we sell in person already begin hours before the tickets go on sale.  We only sell half of our tickets online as a way of accommodating the many people who are unable to go to the sales locations in person.

  • fred from leeland asks
    Train 300 has been several minutes late departing Fredericksburg and Leeland every day since the Spotsy station opened. Can you adjust the departure time from Spotsy so that train 300 can depart on time further down the line? Thanks.

    VRE Response
    One of the challenges right now on the Fredericksburg Line is the third track work between Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg, the schedules were written assuming that work would be complete.  The work will be done this month and should allow for better times between the two stations.  There are still temporary speed restrictions north of Fredericksburg as the railroad works to complete additional third track work.  The improvements being made though will allow shorter trip times and more flexibility on the railroad.

  • Larry from Warrenton, VA asks
    The trash in the easement before Backlick Road station is horrible and a real shame and eyesore when pulling into the station. Who maintains this property and what can be done to resolve this mess? It seriously looks like a health concern and would be fined if it were on residential.

    VRE Response
    The Backlick Road parking lot and roadways are handled by Fairfax County.  We will share your concerns and ask our Facilities Manager to follow-up.

  • Jerry from Spotsylvania asks
    Why are the private commuter vans allowed to park in the Spotsylvania station? Are they paying rent to take that spot? I know that most of the HOA in the area won't allow private business vehicles to be parked overnight. And If I remember right when Spotsylvania had their hearing about the new station, the commuter van owners made a huge stink about taking money out of their pocket if they got a new station.

    VRE Response
    Most of our parking lots allow any type of commuter parking, even vanpools.  The lot is a VDOT commuter lot, not a dedicated VRE lot.

  • Lindsey from Fredericksburg, Virginia asks
    At any point, will this line be run South, to Richmond?

    VRE Response
    We do not have any plans at this time to extend the Fredericksburg Line beyond Spotsylvania.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    The equipment & consist page needs updating. Also, why is VRE buying more bathroom cars instead of non-bathroom cars. The non-bathroom cars have more seats, which we need on crowded trains

    VRE Response
    Restrooms are the most requested amenity on the trains (even more than wifi).  There are only 12 fewer seats (11 if you count the one in the restroom).

  • Louis from Spotsy asks
    Thank you for the 303's earlier departure (3:10 from Union Station). It makes a huge difference in my family time !!! Have you pinned down a date for replacement of the older cars? This is a rough ride, for sure. If it will be a long time before they are replaced, is there a chance to share them with some of the other consists so we call all appreciate their character?

    VRE Response
    Glad you like the new train time Louis.  The next set of new cars will arrive this month and once commissioned will replace one of the two Legacy sets still in use.

    The last 5 of the replacement cars will arrive next March which will enable us to remove the final Legacy cars from our fleet.

    Their are door control challenges when mixing new cars and Legacy cars on a train which would cause us to either add staffing to the train or change how the conductors perform their jobs.  It is best to leave all the cars on a single train.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    On the Ride VRE Magazine page, at top where is says RIDE is an online ..., the link goes to the October 2015 issue.

    VRE Response
    David, thanks for pointing that out.  The link has been corrected.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Does VRE have any plans to upgrade the lighting system at L'Enfant Plaza station like did Crystal City a few years ago? L'Enfant Plaza still has the original lights

    VRE Response
    Our goal is to upgrade the lighting at all stations to the LED fixtures like you see at Crystal City.  

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Are you aware that the L'Enfant Plaza platform has been damaged? Pieces of the yellow tactile strip are broken off and in the track bed. This happened on Friday. Some train passing by must have hit the edge of the platform.

    VRE Response
    Thanks David.  We saw the damage shortly after it occurred and had one of our facilities contractors remove any loose material.  Final repairs will be made as part of a tactile strip replacement project already planned.

  • sara from woodbridge asks
    In the February forum we were told that Kim, the new Amtrak Station Manager for us at Union Station would soon be helping us in the afternoons. As of yesterday afternoon, there is no help, no track posting OR incorrect posting, incorrect announcements of trains approaching the station and so forth. This is just pitiful. Would you please, please, please get us some help??!!?? I am pretty tired of being asked and answering VRE related inquiries while I wait and watch for the train. It is embarrassing to admit that all you can do is watch for the train and follow the crowds because there is either no info or misinformation.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the input Sara.  Kim is here with us today.  She has been transitioning from her previous role with Amtrak, but she is committed to addressing the issues you have outlined.

  • Steve from Woodbridge, VA asks
    I will continue to ask until either the work is completed or someone comes on-line and confirms either Yea or Nay on this ridiculously minor project that will protect many from the elements! "I was told by VRE leadership earlier in the fall that part of the Rippon renovation project would include renovating the old tool cage at the north end of the platform and add some pexiglass walls to help block the wind and rain prior to winter. I've inquired a couple times since, with no response. Any chance this might get accomplished soon or was the promise just not being kept?" Previous VRE Response Chris says: Steve - that was me you contacted and there is no change in the plans. We will be doing more work on the Rippon platform, elevator and stairs and we have asked the project team to see if there is some way to enclose those cages to offer some protection.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the persistence Steve.  No change on the answer, when the rehab project gets to Rippon, we will ask the project team to look for viable solutions.

  • Shannon from Manassas, VA asks
    Do you know what happened to the metal fence near the trees that separates the parking lot at Manassas Park? It is busted open and torn down.

    VRE Response
    Unfortunately, during the recent snow storms, the snow plows damaged some of the fencing in several lots.  Our Facilities Manager has a fencing contractor on standby, ready to address all these issues probably in the next few weeks.

  • John from Springfield, VA asks
    First off, love taking the train. Just need to bring up an maintenance issue, the ticket machines at the Backlick Road Station have been having problems accepting credit cards. The machines will validate, but they have been "unable to do a credit or debt purchase". This has been going on for a while now. I have reported it twice. Other than this Thank you VRE for making my commute more enjoyable and less stressful.

    VRE Response
    Thanks John for loving VRE.  When the Ticket Vending Machines go offline, meaning they do not have a connection to the payment processor, functionality is limited to validating only.  The issue has been the loss of a Verizon communications circuit, which has been reported.  We have asked Verizon to continue to monitor to see if the circuit is bouncing sporadically and to see what we can do as a permanent fix.  If you see this issue again, just let the conductor know before boarding.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Rick Newton from Pulaski Virginia asks
    Every indistry has slower days of travel can VRE give specials on these slower days. Additionally, can you do some of the same specials as the Euro-Rail 20 day pass on and off pass for those that want to travel the East Coast...Thank you

    VRE Response
    Interesting suggestion Rick.  It is not something we can currently offer.  Our slower days are Monday and Friday as more people opt for telework on those days, but the variance is not big enough to warrant an entirely new fare table.  We will keep this in mind going forward, though.

  • Maria from Burke asks
    The pot hole on the entrance of Burke Center station is officially a crater. Unavoidable at this point as it measured 3ft by 3 ft and 9 inches deep.. i measured. the entrance is 6 ft wide. Please please please ha e Ffx county fix Today. Many cars are getting damaged.

    VRE Response
    Our Facilities Manager contacted Fairfax County again this morning.

  • Shanker from Bristow, BA asks
    Invariably everyday the Manassas trains have to slowed down or even stopped due to Amtrak trains ahead or congestion just before Alexandria. The management had never acted or found a way to resolve this problem

    VRE Response
    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this type of situation. We do not dispatch the trains and Amtrak has priority over other trains on the railroad.

  • Extra Train from Manassas asks
    Are there plan to add an extra train to the Manassas Line anytime soon. In the evenings there is only one Manassas Train heading southbound between 300-415 (327). The Fredricksburg Line has four options between 300-415 (303, 305, 125, and 307). Not exactly equal distribution between the two lines for that timeframe.

    VRE Response
    We do not currently have any immediate plans to add a train to the Manassas Line.  However, the proposed Gainesville/Haymarket extension would give us the opportunity to add frequency to the schedule.  Please visit

  • Dave from Woodbridge asks
    Will you be adding an additional car to the 300 Express anytime soon?

    VRE Response
    Effective Monday, February 29th, we added a 7th car to 300 to accommodate the growing ridership demand.

  • Bob from Brooke asks
    Why does train 302 continue to consistently be 5-7 minutes late(according to station times on schedule) for Quantico, Rippon, Woodbridge? Quantico schedule shows 5:40 and Rippon 5:49 but that hasn't happened in such a long time. What is going on?

    VRE Response
    See previously answered question.

  • Bill from Burke asks
    I've seen this asked before by others, but I'm going ask again. I ride the first Manassas train and after the last schedule update, VRE has started holding the train for several minutes at some of the stations since the new schedule doesn't actually match the time the train can depart. Before the schedule was updated, VRE said the schedule update was simply to match the actual time the train departs with the schedule and shouldn't impact the riders. VRE missed this by a few minutes and as a result keeps hundreds of people waiting needlessly everyday in order to match the now misaligned schedule. For many of us, L'Enfant isn't our last stop and this needless waiting is causing many of us to just miss shuttles and bus connections, causing a cascading delay of an additional 10 to 15 minutes each and every day. From what I have read, I think VRE is now saying that at some point we are getting 8 car trains so at some undetermined point in the future, the schedule might just again match the actual movement of the train. I don't understand how adding a couple of cars would add several minutes since I assume each car VRE purchases will have a door. I'm sorry for the long comment, but on behalf of many of us on the first train, can't the trains just leave the station after they are loaded as has been the practice for the last 15 years I've been riding VRE? Thank you for your consideration.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the comment Bill.  As mentioned in an earlier response, the previous schedule did have some times that were tough to meet, specifically because of the changing lengths of trains.  While you are correct that all new cars have doors, not all cars fit on the current platforms.  Therefore, it does take extra time to load an 8 car train on a 6 car platform.  The new cars we will be receiving this year are replacement cars so we can remove the old Legacy cars from the fleet.  The first set of expansion cars have already been ordered, and those cars will allow us to lengthen some of the trains.  The schedules were designed to reflect the lengthening of the trains.  Again, that will allow both our passengers and our partner bus agencies to adjust the times of their schedules knowing that we will not be making constant changes as the expansion begins.  We also have projects underway to not only lengthen platforms but to also add second platforms.  Those projects should help reduce travel times by allowing for shorter stops and increasing the flexibility of the railroad to run on trains on any track.

  • Barbara from Woodbridge Virginia asks
    It is still a guessing game for riders boarding at Union Station in the afternoons which platform to walk to. On a good day they post it just seconds before the train arrives, and on most days it is not posted at all. After so many reported complaints to VRE management about this in the past, one would think that someone from VRE could work this out with Union Station!?!?

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the comment Barbara.  We have heard the complaints and arranged for a Station Manager from Amtrak to be posted at our gates to address these issues, and provide customer service support to our passengers.  Kim Combs has been on the job for a month or so now, and you may have seen a profile we did in the latest issue of RIDE Magazine.  Kim is actually here in the studio with us today.  She will be in the gate area during the afternoon service, so please stop by and say hello. 

  • Tim from FBG, VA asks
    This is 3rd or 4th time I've brought this up...let's see if anything gets done this time! L'Enfant Plaza, north end of the platform where there is a bench directly behind one of the wind screens...and it's right where the train doors open so it's a choke point. The bench or the wind screen needs to be moved or removed to allow passengers the ability to get by without the "Excuse Me!" or nasty looks having to squeeze by that area. Small task that would pay big dividend!

    VRE Response
    Thanks Tim,

    Moving the wind shelter or bench is probably not the best, quickest solution.  We'll ask the Keolis team to look at changing the location of where the train stops on the platform to get some separation where needed.

  • Smith from Manassas asks
    Please tell us you are actively working on repairing the 'new' Manassas 324 schedule. This train has what seem to be needless, incomprehensible delays built into the schedule as unnecessary minutes are spent hanging at Burke and Rolling Road, and then this train has the absurd privilege of following Freddy 302 EVERY DAY from Alexandria onward. Surely you, as the CEO, and your scheduling staff are more competent at designing an effective schedule than this? If this is the best, most efficient schedule you and your staff can design, I suggest something is very much amiss.

    VRE Response
    Previously answered question.

  • Tammy from Springfield, VA asks
    I regularly ride 324 in the morning, and since the schedule change, it seems as if every day we are delayed (and sometimes stopped dead) behind 302. Some days we have to wait for 302 to pass us because it's late. But all this does is make 324 late also. I don't understand the reasoning.

    VRE Response
    Previously answered question.

  • Sid from Burke VA asks
    What is VRE doing about the following: 1- People putting their feet on the seats, especially problematic during the last few months with the weather and nasty shoes. (I have pictures) 2- People putting their bags on the seat next to them in order keep anyone from sitting next to them. I pay for one seat, do these people pay for two? 3- Passengers curling up on the seats and going to sleep (got pics of that as well) It's bad enough many of your passengers cough at others and yawn with wide open mouths but this time of pandemics and virulent pathogens doesn't VRE have an obligation to keep most of their passengers safe? Not unlike telling them not to stand in the vestibule. I realize this is VA, and everyone is important but I'm willing to provide VRE and anyone else that wants those pics, of the inconsiderate among us! o

    VRE Response
    Sid, Thanks for bringing these issues up in this forum, it helps to allow us to reiterate some of our policies.

    Passengers should not be placing their feet on the seats, bags or other belongings should be placed under the seat, on the floor by your feet, on the luggage rack provided near the vestibule, or on the overhead racks.  The conductors should be addressing this as they walk through the train.

    Many passengers enjoy sleeping on the train, but no one should be taking multiple seats to do so.  Again, the conductors should be addressing this. Please feel free to point issues out to the conductors and they will take care of it, if they have missed something.


  • sara from leeland road asks
    How many miles (track) does the train travel from Leeland Road to Union Station? What is the average speed if there are no restrictions? Thank you

    VRE Response
    There are approximately 50.1 miles from Leeland Road to Union Station.

  • Fred from Fairfax, Virginia asks
    Why was it necessary to add extra time to the schedule for 322, which already too much padding? Now, 322 consistently has to bide its time, holding for departure at both Burke Centre and Rolling Road. We sit and wait as the minutes tick by. What baloney will you feed us to convince us that the extra time was necessary. Come on VRE. Tighten up the schedules and take pride in running a crisp, timely operation.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the question Fred.  The schedules were adjusted for several reasons:

    1. We added a new train to the Fredericksburg Line which meant the need to adjust times on the Manassas Line to coordinate the convergence of both lines in Alexandria.

    2. We also had to factor in Amtrak schedule changes and the needs of the freight railroads.

    3. The previous schedule was a challenge, especially at the mid-line stations because we have changed the length of trains over the past few years to accommodate ridership trends.  Some longer trains needed more time to work stations but were running on a schedule designed for a 6 car train, and vice-versa.  Since our plan is to lengthen all trains to 8 cars, we have schedule all trains as if they are 8 cars.  This allows for a consistent schedule for a longer period of time, allowing passengers and our partner bus agencies to adjust schedules without the concern of constant adjustments.  

    While there may be opportunities to tighten some of the times at the mid-line stations to reduce dwell time, the schedules from Alexandria north are unlikely to change.

  • JY from Woodbridge asks
    As a rider from Woodbridge I just wanted to thank VRE for adding the 7th car to 300. it has made it much easier to find a seat in the car I wish to ride in. Again Thank You.

    VRE Response
    Thanks JY we know it was a long time coming, but the popularity and ridership of Train 300 finally justified the change.  We're happy it makes your commute better. 

  • Al from Manassas asks
    How come there is no WiFi service in the trains?

    VRE Response
    As mentioned in previous on-line forums, VRE has tested devices with the current cell technology on both lines and there are still significant areas that do not get a signal.  We hope to be able to include Wi-Fi with other operation upgrades. 

  • David from Manassas, VA asks
    Almost on a daily basis, Manassas train 324 needs to wait for Frederick train 302 to pass it around Alexandria causing a typical delay to 324 of about 10 minutes. Why can't 324 get to union station ahead of 302 and what is VRE doing about it? Thank you

    VRE Response
    Unfortunately, there are speed restrictions on the Fredericksburg line from Brooke to Woodbridge due to CSX track work that has been delaying train 302 enough to effect Manassas train 324. CSX dispatchers often have trains pre-aligned, so if 2 trains come in at approximately the same time, the already aligned train will go first. Otherwise, it takes an extra 7 minutes to time down the signals and re-align the switches. Once track work is completed (we do not have an estimate as to when this will be) trains should return to operating on time.


  • Jack from Brooke asks
    I see CSX is laying concrete ties as part of adding the new track. Will this allow for higher speeds? Assume at minimum it will reduce congestion delays.

    VRE Response
    While it is true concrete ties allow for higher speeds, CSX looks for opportunities system-wide to replace wooden ties with concrete one as they require less maintenance.

  • Dan from Lorton VA asks
    The smoking area at Crystal City used to be all the way to the north end of the platform; now there is a cigarette butt can 2-3 cars south from that area and the smoking area has expanded about 25 yards from where it was previously. Why has it expanded and can it be collapsed back to just the end of the platform where it used to be? I don't mind that folks want to smoke, but now about a quarter of the train passengers are waiting in the smoking area; most aren't smokers.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for your concern and we will have our Facilities Manager re-look at the location of the smoking area.

  • Just me from Spotsylvania asks
    Would it be possible to add another TVM on the north side of the Spotsylvania platform near the existing TVM? Also I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the new station.

    VRE Response
    We'll look at the volume of use on the TVM currently at the north end to see if it justifies a second machine.  Of course, switching to VRE Mobile means not having to use a TVM at all!  Thank you for your appreciation of the new station, we're glad you like it. 

  • frank from atlanta asks
    My much business travel on VRE has pointed out some future needs. Right now platform lengths are mostly 8 car or less. Once parking space for future needed longer trains is acquired the question of longer platforms arises. VRE needs to plan for very long platforms. It seems that although only a small addition will be added at stations in the immediate future there should be provisions for any electrical, plumbing, etc for ultimate lengths ?

    VRE Response
    Much is in the works for longer platforms.  This is one of our projects now and for the future.

  • Can't Breath! from Broad Run asks
    It would be great if people would be mindful of where they are sitting in an idling car on cold mornings; and try NOT to kill the person parked in the car behind them with exhaust fumes; ESPECIALLY when there is an empty parking lot;

    VRE Response
    Courtesy Reminder!

  • George from Haymarket asks
    I'm not sure I understand why the MARC train has wi-fi the whole way from Union to Denton and the VRE says they can't because of wireless carrier coverage?

    VRE Response
    VRE and the Marc travels different locals making it more difficult for VRE to supply uninterrupted service throughout both lines of our service. 

  • Anonymous from Alexandria asks
    Can anything be done about all the graffiti around the tracks?

    VRE Response
    It is all too common to see graffiti in the railroad right of way. This is really a trespassing issue that is handled by the railroads and the law enforcement agencies of the local jurisdictions. 


  • Q from Franconia asks
    Thank you to the crews for their cheery disposition even when cold and wet. Any updates for the elevator at Franconia/springfield station?

    VRE Response
    Thank you also for the compliment of our crews.  The elevator modernization project is underway but is not expected to be complete until late spring or early summer.


  • Mick from End of the Line, VA asks
    Can you give a LOGICAL answer to this problem: 1. The Quiet Car is supposed to be silent. 2. Only people riding in the quiet car should have any concern about announcements pertaining to the quiet car. 3. The announcements about the quiet car policy are played in the quiet car. They are the loudest and most annoying thing ever heard in the quiet car, unless there's a derailment. 4. They are also played in the other cars, in which they are in the top 3 of loudest/most annoying noises and have NO RELEVANCE WHATSOEVER. Given these facts (Plus the hilariously clueless "available electronic devices" gaffe), why do you play these announcements? Why not have conductor periodically whisper,"Pssst: Quiet car. Thanks for keeping it down in here"?

    VRE Response
    Hi Mick

    First of all, the Quiet Car is not supposed to be silent, it is simply a location on the train where conversation and other noises are kept at a minimum.  Secondly, we will continue to play all announcements in all cars, and they will be played at the proper volume level.  The Quiet Car message is played because not all passengers know about the Quiet Car and where it is located. Despite the fact that many of our passengers are well aware of the Quiet Car, we have new riders every day who may wish to make use of the service.  This also helps new passengers who unintentionally sit in the Quiet Car to move to a different car.



Welcome to another edition of the on-line forum where VRE Management answer as many service related questions as we can for the next hour. As usual, Rich Dalton, Deputy CEO/COO, and Chris Henry, Director of Rail Operations are at the helm and joining them is our Station Manager at Union Station, Kim Combs.

Hopefully if you are a Fredericksburg rider, you noticed the equipment swaps in the morning to better accomodate the ridership. We have been monitoring the ridership since we started the new schedule and hope this meets the needs of the new patterns. We have lots of vendor news as well: Union Station vendor has closed and we are in the process of getting a replacement; the 7-Eleven down the street from Spotsylvania Station is now selling VRE tickets (stop in to say hi as you don't even need to buy a VRE ticket to get a free coffee or soda, for a limited time); and our current vendor in Woodbridge, Coffee Club Cafe, will close and stop selling tickets on March 10 and we plan for the new vendor to begin selling tickets beginning April 1st.

We see lots of questions in the queue, so here we go!