Thanks, everyone for all the great questions. If your question wasn't answered, please send it to where we respond to most questions in one business day.

Remember, even though the ice, snow and the Masters golf tournament are becoming distant memories; the spring rains continue to present slip/trip/fall hazards. Always use three points of contact when boarding and detraining and when walking through the railcars to prevent a Jordan Spieth-like collapse. Our focus is your safety!

We are in the middle of Meet the Management session and our next scheduled visit is L'Enfant next Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

Rich, Chris, et al.


  • john from fred asks
    Ever since the Spotsy station has opened, the train has been 3-4 minutes late each day out of Fred and Leeland. Can the train depart Spotsy a few minutes earlier so that we can depart on time further down the line?

    VRE Response
    Previously answered question.

  • Dave from Manassas, Va asks
    Can you all add an additional train to the Manassas Line? It would be nice if the people riding the Manassas Line had another option between 3pm-330pm to head south. Kind of unfair the Fred Line has the three trains (and 1 Amtrak train) from 3pm-410pm and Manassas only has one during that time frame.

    VRE Response
    We have no immediate plans to add a train on the Manassas line, however the SystemPlan 2040 includes additional Manassas Line trains as a part of the Gainesville-Haymarket Extension at

  • Brad from Fredericksburg, VA asks
    In the Jan or Feb Forum I asked about adding a cement egress at the Spotsylvania Station from the interior of far north parking area to the sidewalk or roadway near the stairs that lead to the platform. The heavy rain only highlights the problem, either we walk through muddy grassy areas, or walk out of the way to the middle of the parking lot. Both the south and middle parking lots have an egress. Do you have a status? Thanks,

    VRE Response
    We looked at this when you submitted earlier and hope to be able to make the improvements in the near future.

  • Tammy from Rolling Road asks
    I like the new online forum set-up. It's nice to not have to scroll down every time the page reloads. Much easier to follow. And you're posting much more quickly. Hopefully that means more questions will be answered. Thanks!

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Tammy.  Now we have multiple people providing input to answers that pertain to their specific area of responsibility.  Our goal is to answer all the questions that come in.

    We'll also share your comments with the developers at The Redmon Group here in Alexandria who built the online forum module for us.  It is a great improvement.

  • Danny from Manassas asks
    Why don't you put the survey (distributed this morning) online so people can take it? Trying to write on a soft surface in a moving train is too hard to do and just a dumb idea.

    VRE Response
    While this may seem like a good alternative to the paper surveys, we have found that it is very difficult to get a statistically significant response from our passengers. When using the paper method, we are able to capture feedback from a larger group of people, which means higher quality data.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Courtesy Tip: Please don't put your bag on the window seat and sit on the outside seat blocking other people from sitting especially when it is crowded. Let them sit next to you.

    VRE Response
    Courtesy Reminder from a fellow passenger.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    We had 2 80+ degree days in April, but only 1 day had a heat restriction and it was cloudy that day. How does CSX determine when to have heat restrictions and can't they just do it for certain sections instead of the entire line?

    VRE Response
    Heat restrictions are orders given to railroad engineers to reduce their speed over a given section of track. It occurs in extreme heat conditions and/or when there is a drastic jump in temperature from the morning to the afternoon commute.

    On the two days in April, one day had a large temperature swing between the morning and afternoon service which resulted in the issuance of the heat orders.  The other day was just as hot, but it had been warm all day.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Why does VRE skip the first week of May for Meet the Management?

    VRE Response
    VRE conducts our annual customer service survey the first week of May. Meet the Management will resume next week at the L'Enfant Station.

  • Joe from Woodbridge asks
    No question, just a comment-- Please extend my appreciation to Ms. Magadu for her courteous assistance after I lost my monthly ticket. She had a replacement ticket waiting for me in 24 hours. That's outstanding customer service.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for that compliment Joe.  I will pass this along to Mrs. Magadu's Manager.  

  • gary from alexandria, va asks
    Why can't VRE announce which track a train will arrive at King street? Thank you

    VRE Response
    Thanks Gary.  In the mornings for the northbound trains, we have an automated announcement that states "Fredericksburg trains will arrive  on Track 2, the track furthest from the station", "Manassas Line trains will arrive on Track 3, the track closest to the station".  If that changes for a specific train, we make a manual announcement.

    In the afternoons, all southbound trains should arrive on track 3, closest to the station.  If that changes for a specific train, we make a manual announcement.

    If you notice something different, please let us know.

  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Why is Train #306 going so slow between Springfield and Alexandria every morning making us 5 minutes late? Also, why does CSX frequently issue Temporary Speed Restrictions in the mornings

    VRE Response
    Alexandria is the convergence point of both VRE lines. At the peak rush periods there are several trains coming into Alexandria, then funneled down to a single track for the trip into Crystal City and DC.  

    The temporary speed restrictions are a result of the third track work currently underway along the Fredericksburg Line.

  • Todd from Bristow, VA asks
    Please do not close the Broad Run Station. Most of us using the station SPECICIALLY bought our houses there to be near the station. If you close it you will be penalizing everyone (your long-time patrons) who based the biggest purchase of their lives based on your service. Also, the Broad Run maintenance facility practically brand new. Didn't that cost millions? Abandoning it seems like an incredible waste of money and an example of shortsighted planning. Finally, are you planning on using eminent domain to secure the land for the extension if people's homes are in the way? It's something everyone is wondering about because it's a despicable practice.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Todd, we appreciate your feedback and will pass the comments on to the public forum for the Gainesville/Haymarket Extension project.


  • Mary from Gainesville va asks
    Can the VRE please, PLEASE do something about the bicyclists around Broad Run? I get that we need to share the road with them, but they NEVER follow traffic laws, they always blow through stop signs and take up the whole road. They make an unsafe road much more unsafe. I've also seen them actually stand and block traffic so that they could cross roads. Please do something to address this issue.

    VRE Response
    Bicycles using the roadway must obey the same traffic laws and signage as vehicles. We'll pass this to the Prince William County Police to include in their patrol bulletins.

  • Johnny from spotsylvania asks
    the 300 express train has a female conductor that makes repetitive, unnecessary announcements ALL THE WAY TO WORK. this is alot to deal with beginning at 5 am and not ending until 630. last week, the announcements began on Tuesday, 4/26 about the May tickets will be needed on Tuesday, 5/3. "Once again" seems to be the favorite phrase. If the announcements need to be made, maybe we could wait until we collect all (most) the people and not make those of us who get on at the beginning of the line have to hear it at spotsy, fred, leeland, brooke, woodbridge,alex,crystal, lefant and union????????? Not to mention all of the other repeat announcements she feels necessary. no rest for the weary. blood pressure meds for the rest of us...especially in the quiet car.

    VRE Response
    Since 300 is a limited stop train, there are announcements that need to be made repeatedly as we board new passengers at each station.  We want to make sure if someone gets on 300 at one of the three southern stations and wants to get to Quantico, Rippon, Lorton or Franconia/Springfield, then they have an opportunity to detrain at Brooke and wait for 302.  Those announcements, as well as any other safety or service related announcements should be made by all conductors.

  • Fred from Fred asks
    the automated announcements of incoming VRE trains at union station in the afternoon continues to be going through the list of train #'s aariving at the station....clearly it is just playing through as all of the trains cant be arriving at one time. We were hoping that the VRE person assigned to help your customers in the afternoon would have notified you or had it corrected. it is very confusing to those that are not regular riders. please do something.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Fred.  It sounds like the announcements are coming on when the train's GPS is being logged into the system, instead of when the train actually comes down to the station platform.  We'll look into it right away and make the necessary adjustments.

  • Larry from union station asks
    Please update us on our rep, Kim, at US.....she is either absent, or if there is a question/problem, disappears. Escalators going wrong direction, no posting of track or incorrect information. VERY disappointing. So much hope for relief at the end of the work day and alas, nothing has changed. Perhaps she no longer represents VRE????

    VRE Response
    Kim does represent VRE at Union Station, however; she is not available all the time. She is providing us with reports and has plans to make improvements to service.

  • Scott from Washington DC asks
    Is there an online version of the survey administered this morning on the trains? I would like to participate, but I did not have a writing instrument with me.

    VRE Response
    We do not offer an online version of the survey. We are sorry you did not see one of the survey workers who had pencils available for those who needed them.

  • Dave from Fredericksburg asks
    Would it be possible to fix the sidewalks under the Fredericksburg station such that every time it rains the sidewalks (along with the bottom of the ramp and all the steps to Track 2) do not have significant standing water? In the summer, standing water is a nuisance. In winter, standing water becomes ice and a significant safety hazard.

    VRE Response
    The City of Fredericksburg maintains these facilities.  We will forward them your question and suggestions.

  • William from Manassas VA asks
    There are some riders still using second floor parking at manassas parking garage with red parking permit, this is unfair to everyone else

    VRE Response
    We will pass this along to the City of Manassas Police Department.

  • Gee from Woodbridge, VA asks
    When we detrain at Woodbridge in the evenings there's often skateboarding or youngsters using it as a meeting place for some sort of activity, Can we have more unmarked police patrols (there are often lookouts)?

    VRE Response
    This is an issue we are working with the police on. We have experienced some vandalism from this activity as well, so in addition to making some enhancement to lighting, we are sharing information and security camera footage with the Prince William County Police Department to support their increase in patrols in that area. We appreciate the feedback on this and we'll pass it along to the patrol officers assigned to that area.

  • Patrick from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Is there an online customer survey form available?

    VRE Response
    There is not one currently, but we are always happy to take feedback through  We are exploring other alternatives to the annual, onboard survey, but the feedback we receive is so meaningful, and the response rate is very high by doing the survey in person.  We tried an online version one year, but it did not generate the level of interest we had hoped for.

  • Dave from Springfield, VA asks
    Have any changes to VRE service come about because of rider survey results? I sometimes wonder why I should bother filling out the survey.

    VRE Response
    Great question Dave.  there are quite a few changes that have come about as a result of the feedback we receive on the survey and from other sources like phones,, Meet The Management, ...etc.

    A few examples:

    1. The new 303 - we had received comments for years that passengers wanted a train between the midday 301 and the first afternoon train 303.  When we had the opportunity to expand service, that is the window we requested for the new train.

    2. Ease of Buying a Ticket - the scores we received on this topic led us to look at alternative ways to sell our tickets.  The result was VRE Mobile.

    3. Check Tickets Regularly - the crews had traditionally received low scores on this topic which led us to implement the 100% ticket check expectation, and the subsequent scores have shown that this has been effective.

    4. Usefulness of Rail Time - the scores on this topic led to the improvements made a few years ago of putting the map on the station platform monitors, and we continue to look for ways to improve this system.

    5. Timeliness of E-Mail Responses - we now have a goal of responding within 24 hours to GoTrains questions.

    The business of running a commuter rail operation is continually changing and the feedback we receive from the survey helps direct our efforts in the interest of continuous improvement.  Keep the comments coming.

  • kim from burke, va asks
    Curious as to what the on time performance rate is for Manassas train number 328? Ever since the new schedule to accommodate the additional Fredericksburg train, I can't recall when we have pulled into L'Enfant on time.

    VRE Response
    You can find on-time performance for each line at 328 specifically had an OTP of 86% in April.

  • Dave from Springfield, VA asks
    Can we get an update on the VRE Platform Extension project? The contract was awarded over two years ago...

    VRE Response
    The Lorton Platform Extension Project will commence later on this month. If you are speaking of a different project please let us know.

  • Betty from Burke, VA asks
    Is the exercise class that is meeting in the Rolling Road parking lot allowed to meet there in the mornings? They seem to meet between 5:30 to at least 6:10 (when I get on the train), block many parking spaces, force riders to swerve around them, and are a safety hazard, I believe. If they were meeting on Sunday afternoon when no one is riding the train, it would be one thing, but I believe that they shouldn't be allowed to do this on weekdays.

    VRE Response
    Fairfax County has been notified.  The group has not been given a facilities access permit by Fairfax County, nor would the County allow them to use the lot during commuting hours.

  • Richard from Manassas asks
    Can you please reach out to prince William county police about the traffic around broad run? No one ever stops at the stop signs around the air port, especially the bike riders that come by once a week. I often see cars blow by 2 stop signs as they go flying out of the parking lot and almost hit pedestrians on their way out.

    VRE Response
    This is an area of concern for us as well so thank you for the feedback. We continue to work with Prince William County Police Department on this and other traffic and parking issues.

  • Dave from Quantico, VA asks
    It still seems like the morning Fredericksburg Line Trains are 5-7 minutes late getting to Quantico, Rippon, a previous forum it had been mentioned that this was due to CSX track work scheduled to be completed by the end of April. Are the delays still a result of the CSX track work?

    VRE Response
    Hi Dave.  The track work between Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg was completed, but there is still a signal cutover that CSX will perform next Thursday.  After that, CSX will operate freight trains or provide other means to operate trains over the area to stabilize the track bed. Once that happens, the Fredericksburg Line trains should be able to make better time getting into and out of Fredericksburg. There is third track work progressing between Brooke and Rippon and once completed, the potential for delays should be reduced.

  • Debbie from Broad Run, VA asks
    There is an old saying that goes, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." I understand you want to try and make your website better, but some of the things were better before your web designers made changes. When it comes to this online forum, I am not always able to go read all the responses to questions or comments as they are occurring. Sometimes its a day later, but when I go back in the email previously received now, I am unable to get to the forum itself anymore and they don't instantly appear in your archives. Previously, I could find the initial email and go right into look at all the questions and responses. It wasn't broke, but it is now.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the comments Debbie.  The new Online Forum System works very well for us. If the archiving function is not immediate, we'll get that fixed right away.

  • Mike from The Spotted Woods of the Old Dominion asks
    Any chance you cab improve bicycle access to the Spotsy Station? You know how people drive. It looks like it would be relatively easy to put some paths ib. Thanks!

    VRE Response
    Thanks Mike. We will submit your suggestion to Spotsylvania County and see if there are any plans in the works for improved bicycle access to Spotsy Station.

  • Tom from Stafford, VA asks
    While waiting on the platform at Crystal City, I have notice that several of the spikes are not tight to the rails. Some of them are as much as 2-3 inches above the base of the rail. They are mostly on the baseplates that only have one spike in place to begin with. Maybe there are tighter spikes on the opposite side of the rail that can't be seen from the platform, but should we be concerned?

    VRE Response
    Good eye Tom, but no need for alarm.  The tracks are inspected regularly by CSX.

  • Robert from Springfield, Va asks
    Have they started working on the Springfield/Franconia station handicap elevator yet? If so, is there a finish date?

    VRE Response
    Preliminary work has begun on the Franconia-Springfield east (VRE side) elevator.  Work has not yet begun on the Franconia-Springfield west (WMATA side) elevator due to access issues with WMATA, but these issues have recently been resolved and work should begin within the next month.  Once underway, the work will last several months.


  • Ted from Manassas VA asks
    Can you tell me why people keep throwing trash in the 440V electric receptacles? Does this cause any trouble to train operations if there is trash in the receptacles when someone deposits 440V? You should probably change the signage to "No Trash - 440V only." Also, are there any trash cans other than those in the restrooms? I see no signs for trash receptacles. (Keep up the good work - love riding VRE.)

    VRE Response
    There is a trash bin inside that door in front of the 440V panel, it is a separate compartment and does not interfere with the electrical service on the car.

  • from Manassas, VA asks
    Why is there inconsistency with conductors announcing any delays and also when the train arrives at shorter platforms? Some announce things, some don't, also some are so quiet I can't hear the announcement and I'm not that old or have hearing problems. (I take different trains in the morning and afternoon also.)

    VRE Response
    The conductors should be announcing which cars will or will not be on the platform at each station, and the audio levels should be set to the same level in each individual car.  As with the last question, if you notice specific trains, cars or conductors, please share that information with us at

  • Katie Rose from Manassas, VA asks
    Last forum someone asked about about not receiving a free pass for a 20-25 minute late train and then getting a ticket checked instead. The reply back was you only give free passes to 30 minutes late trains and that conductors always check tickets. Well, the checking of tickets is very inconsistent. My ticket doesn't always get checked both in the morning and afternoon. There are certain conductors who do check everytime, but I know the conductors who don't and at which stations/areas they check; and I know if I really wanted to I could probably get free rides to certain stations evetyday. So why doesn't VRE check tickets of passengers before they get on? Or why not give conductors surprise inspections to see if they do their job correctly?

    VRE Response
    The conductor's primary job is to get the train and the passengers to their destination in a safe manner and on schedule.  We have also asked them to make the effort to do 100% fare inspection, but their other duties take precedence, so there are times when 100% is not achievable.

    It is not a cost effective approach to gate the platforms and add turnstiles, which would then require staffing, nor is it reasonable to expect that we would have 8 conductors on a train so every door can be staffed for ticket checks.  Handling the proof of payment on board the trains as we do is the best way to minimize both costs and trip time.  We have VRE staff riding the trains everyday and part of what they do is evaluate the performance of the conductors.  If you notice a specific conductor or train where tickets are not checked, we will be happy to address the issue, just forward the information to Gotrains


  • Jared from Spotsy, Virginia asks
    WIFI, it has been on many discussions boards prior to this one and I'm sure it will continue to arise as one of the amenities that many VRE riders would like to have on every train commute. Do you (VRE Operations Management Team) have a plan of action to implement public VRE WIFI within the next 1 to 2 years of service? And if not, then why not?

    VRE Response
    Thanks Jared, you're correct that we have been asked the question about WiFi on multiple occasions.  We do not have immediate plans for adding WiFi, but we do continually look for opportunities to make it happen.  The reason we do not currently offer WiFi is simply that the cellular coverage necessary to offer a consistent service is simply not available in portions of our service area.  On the Fredericksburg Line, the area between Leeland Road and Quantico is probably the worst, but other locations around Rippon and even Spotsylvania offer only sporadic coverage.  We do not want to invest in an amenity which we know from the outset would be substandard.

    It is often mentioned that Amtrak offers WiFi, but their travel distance and time are much greater than VRE, so as a result, these dead spots are a smaller percentage of their overall network, and they are willing to accept the loss of signal in those areas.


  • John from Manassas asks
    Since is it clear you will not be changing Manassas 324 to make the trip less time consuming due to what appear to be unnecessary time spent at Burke and Rolling Road after all passengers have boarded, and the need to follow one of the Freddy trains from Alexandria to the finish line every day, would you consider requesting of whatever agency determines the order of passage for trains that they consider letting 324 go first through Alexandria and beyond every now and then, especially when 324 actually arrives at Alexandria first, as it often does? Please don't tell us you have no clout with train control people. You do, should you choose to exercise it.

    VRE Response
    CSX aligns trains based on what they feel is going to make the entire network more fluid.  When a train has a delay, as 302 has recently, the option is to time down the signal and align another train on that route, or leave the trains aligned as is, despite the fact that another train may have arrived first.  Timing down a signal takes 7-9 minutes, so they take that into consideration when deciding how to handle the merging lines.  If we know a train is going to face a 10-15 minute delay in reaching Alexandria, we can ask the dispatcher to change the alignment, but otherwise we do what is necessary to keep the entire network moving.  Our trains all must operate on a single track through Crystal City and L'Enfant for now; as CSX completes several capital improvement projects in the corridor, partly contributing to 302's delays, the service should improve.

  • Rider from Va asks
    When there are switch problems or engine problems please open the metro option right away. These types of problems take longer than 30 minutes to resolve.

    VRE Response
    Thank you for the feedback.  The Metro option is typically a last resort, but if we know an issue has the potential to affect multiple trains for an extended period of time, we will get the option open as quickly as possible.

  • Anonymous from Alexandria Va asks
    Please give us an update on when the elevator at Franconia/springfield will be repaired. There has been no movement or attempts to repair for a year. Thank you.

    VRE Response
    VRE has been progressing the project since last May.  Considerable time is necessary for design, development of the solicitation, advertisement and award, coordination with WMATA and lead time for ordering of parts.  Preliminary work has begun on the Franconia-Springfield east (VRE side) elevator.  Work on the Franconia-Springfield west (WMATA side) elevator should begin within the next month.  Once underway, the work will last several months.


  • Robert from Fredericksburg asks
    I ride all the way to Union Station. On the return trip it is always chaotic trying to figure out which track VRE will arrive on in the afternoon/evening. The VRE Rep that you assigned to help us is sometimes there and sometimes not. When she is present, she rarely knows anything to tell us until we physically see the train ourselves. Why is this so confusing? Why does MARC trains usually always know which track they are assigned in advance but not VRE?

    VRE Response
    The track assignments are posted by the Amtrak Commuter Desk as soon as they receive the information.  One of the reasons we asked Amtrak to provide a station manager when VRE trains are operating is to make sure we have someone onsite who could address timely postings of track assignments. We'll share your comments with Kim and continue to work on improving this service.

  • Felisberto Cabotaje from Fredericksburg Va asks
    Will there ever be a VRE train that would run over the weekend to Washington DC. One train leaving in the morning from Spotsylvania to Union Station and one train departing from Union Station back to Spotsylvania? I understand this decusion would be financially based on whether there would be enou

    VRE Response
    We have no immediate plans to add weekend service.

  • Dan from Haymarket va asks
    When will broad run parking lot be restriped?

    VRE Response
    The Broad Run parking lots will be restriped this summer, with the exception of the new PWC lot, farthest from the station, which was restriped last year.

  • Jack from Stafford asks
    Glad you seek feedback each year from ridership. One issue w a question. Asking for income is personal and every other survey I complete offers a "I do not wish to divulge." option. Only purpose I can see in asking the question is to ascertain how much higher you can raise fares based on average income of VRE riders.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Jack.  The demographic information is important but it plays no part in determining fares.  That part of the survey is voluntary and was preceded by the statement "The following demographic information is sought to meet Federal Transit Administration guidelines.  Answers are optional."

  • Pam from Fredericksburg VA asks
    Your departure times are clearly outlined in various formats on various forms from the brochures to the website, etc. So, with that said, why do we have to wait every morning for those stragglers who decide the need to take a extra sip of coffee instead of an extra step to make the train? Even after the announcement is made that the doors are closing, the conductor holds them open longer for these people who's major concern is "their" comfort. When the doors ate supposed to be closed can we please close them. It may not seem like much, but your delays last month had me scrambling to make up time for being late.

    VRE Response
    You're right Pam.  The conductors should be closing the doors and departing the stations on time.  Waiting for late arriving passengers at every station could result in 10 minute delays to Union Station.  We ask that our passengers arrive on the platform 5-10 minutes before the train's scheduled departure time.  The conductors, who synchronize their watches to the US Naval Observatory Time, should be departing at the time posted on the schedule.

  • Tim from Nokesville, VA asks
    Thank you for cleaning the parking lot at Broad Run of all the winter sand. Not only do I not recall seeing anyone ask this year, when we had to beg last year, but this was a much better job then last year.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for noticing Tim.  We'll pass this on to our Manager of Facilities Maintenance so he can share with the crews that maintain the lot.

  • Don from Fredericksburg, Virginia asks
    The gravel parking lot at Leland Road has erosion problems especially after rain. Why not conduct monthly maintenance on the parking lot?

    VRE Response
    Stafford County maintains the gravel lot at Leeland Road.  We will forward them the question.

  • Dave from Manassas asks
    CSXT has adopted a recent policy of operating freight trains exceeding two miles in length. These trains are more susceptible to slow operation and breakdowns. Has VRE had discussions with CSXT to formulate "rapid response" to assist a freight train halted by problems in the path of VRE trains? Railroads in the western US have equipped trucks and personnel on standby in certain areas, much like a fire dept. This greatly mitigates delays.

    VRE Response
    Great question Dave.  We have worked with CSX to provide two signal maintainers and a train master solely dedicated to our service area so when issues arise, we can be assured of the quickest possible resolution. These positions have been in place for several years and have proven invaluable.

  • Mary from Manassas Park, Va asks
    My Autistic son was given a summons by M. Medina Condutor #30726 she wrote on the ticket 10 trip no PM Validation Issued 8 FRC. for haveing a ticket to ride the VRE that cost him $80.30 on 4/26 in Alexander which I am not sure why he paid so much, he has been riding VRE since January 2,2016 of which I rode with him for 3 days and showed him how to take the VRE to his Job at the Pentagon.He a disable Adult,and didn't"t understand why he was ticketed.He has a limited understanding. He is a good person has no behavor problems.I wish your conductor would be trained better on treating people with Autism.

    VRE Response
    Thank you for the comment Mary.  If you would, please forward your contact information to us through and we'll look into the situation further.  We'll also put you in touch with our Reduced-Fare coordinator to see if your son qualifies for that program.

    The conductors are required to write a summons for anyone on the train without a properly validated ticket.  When the conductors tried using their judgment to determine the intent of the passenger and decide whether to write a summons or not, we received many complaints of favoritism and an inequitable application of the law.  By leaving the determination of intent to the court, we can guarantee consistency.  We realize that seems harsh in some circumstances, but that is the system we must work within.  As a subsidized operation, we have a responsibility to protect the fare revenue in the interest of protecting the investment by the taxpayers in all the jurisdictions that support VRE.

May the Fourth Be With You. This is the Online Forum you are looking for! VRE Management which includes Rich Dalton, Deputy CEO & COO, and Chris Henry, Director of Rail Operations, use this forum to answer as many service related questions for one hour.

Thanks to all the riders who completed our customer service survey on the trains this morning. Your feedback is valuable as we use it to make improvements to our system. We normally receive and publish the results around the end of the summer and will share them with the public then.

We are sure you put all your comments on your survey this morning, but we still see plenty of questions in the queue. With that said, let's get started!