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If you would rather ask us in person, next Wednesday, May 10, at Union Station we will kick off Meet the Management season where various VRE management, staff, and various stakeholders will be on hand to address any concerns. See the full schedule here. In addition to giving away snacks, beverages and VRE swag, we will have themes for each different station. At Union Station, we will have those managing the new DC Midday storage project to answer questions. The next Wednesday, at L’Enfant will focus on transportation benefits with experts ready to explain how it all works. Although there are themes, you may ask anything you like as there will be many people there with various backgrounds.

No matter what background you may have, everyone plays a role in safety. That said, our safety message this month is Trust your INSTINCTS – If SOMETHING DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT – Alert the proper authority. If you are the train, tell the conductor. If you are on the platform, call 911.

Hope to see you on the platforms for Meet the Management. If not, we'll see you here next month!

Rich, Chris, et al.

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  • Belle from Union Station asks
    Am I making an appearance on the VRE soon?

    VRE Response

  • Elizabeth from Leeland, VA asks
    At both the Leeland and L'Enfant stations, it is very difficult, and sometimes not at all, to hear the overhead announcements when standing at the Quiet Car gathering points.

    VRE Response
    We will have our IT department visit the stations to check the audio systems on the south end of the platform.



  • Dave from Woodbridge asks
    VRE is still the best way to get to DC. Thank you for your efforts!

    VRE Response
    And thank you for the comment and feedback.

  • Ann from Alexandria VA asks
    As a daily commuter, I find the VRE 10-ride senior pass useful and economical. I plan on commuting for several more years. However, buying those tickets is inconvenient! The mobile van is only available 2 days a week (limited hours), and yesterday the van wasn't equipped to sell that particular ticket so I walked away empty-handed. The only other option I know is to take the Metro to Crystal City Commuter store (not fun). Future plans to widen availability?

    VRE Response
    Ann, sorry for the inconvenience. We are very short on vendors but you can always come to our main office at 1500 King Street, Suite 202 Alexandria, VA  22314 between the hours of 7am -7pm and we will be glad to help you get a senior discounted ticket. Also, consider using our VRE Mobile App. Once you get setup to purchase discounted fares on the app, a ticket machine is in your pocket. If you need assistance, please call us at (703) 684-1001. 


  • Jean from Fredericksburg asks
    Will the Leeland Station dustbowl overflow parking area be paved in the near future?

    VRE Response
    We are not aware of any plans in the near future to pave this area.


  • Carl from Lorton asks
    When will the portable building be removed from the Lorton parking lot? There are quite a few spaces, right near the VRE entrance, that are taken up by the building and fence that surrounds the building. Thank you.

    VRE Response
    The construction of the platform extension is now underway and as soon as that project is completed, the portable buildings will be removed. This project should take no longer than six-months, weather permitting.


  • Harry Potter from asks
    I see that people post/ask about courtesy reminders on here every so often. Is it possible to relay those messages to engineers or conductors so that an announcement be made on the trains? If you are relaying the messages, the engineer or conductor isn't doing her/his job because I don't ever hear announcements other than the PA system, and once in a while cars 1 and 2 and the last one will not make the platform at Crystal City.

    VRE Response
    Yes, we will shore up the courtesy reminder announcements with our conductors.


  • Mario from Manassas asks
    It seems that people in Broad Run parking lot are parking illegally again, in non existing spaces by cars, as well as on the painted diagnol areas. People weren't doing that for a while but I guess they have fallen back in it. Could you kindly take care of this situation?

    VRE Response
    This is an ongoing issue that we have been communicating to the Prince William County Police Department. There are ticketing blitzes that occur on a periodic basis and we continue to monitor the situation.



  • Robin from Broad Run asks
    Did you know that we have the very best train crew on the Manassas line 322 out of Broad Run @ 5:05! They are the very best customer service, the very best professionalism and the very best friendly smiles! Cindy and the crew deserve a pat on the back, a pay raise; and more vacation time!! : )

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the comment and feedback, Robin. We will gladly share this comment with the train crew and their management team.


  • Ken from Fredericksburg, VA asks
    When will work start on the new tunnel at Alexandria station?

    VRE Response
    We are still working on finalizing design, construction procurement and construction method plans. We will get something out to you once we are further along in the above mentioned processes. Thanks for asking.

  • Larry from Midland, VA asks
    I am super pleased with the VRE and with the timeliness of the Manassas line, however the April 24 morning delays due to a car accident around Alexandria could have been handled better. The first notice went out at 6:23am when two trains were already 25 and 10 minutes late. Had the text been send before 6 when the first trains were stopped it would have really helped. Why wait 25 minutes to announce MAJOR delays?

    VRE Response
    As with any major disruptions, we hold a debrief with all of our stakeholders after the fact. We always identify opportunities, especially with communication for improvement moving forward. Our goal is for passengers to have timely and concise information regarding service delays so they can make decisions about their commute.


  • The Nose from Alexandria asks
    The tunnels around the Alexandria station are very smelly with strong urine odors wafting for quite some distance. Who owns these tunnels and what can be done to make them less stinky?

    VRE Response
    We will pass this information along to the folks responsible for tunnels. Thanks.



  • don from leelend asks
    any plan to have WIFI available (like on the amtrack) for the fred line?

    VRE Response
    We are currently updating our plans/analysis for implementing WiFi on the trains. We will be putting out information about our plans for WiFi later this summer.


  • Joe from Woodbridge asks
    There appears to be a path recently cleared in the trees on the east side of the Fredericksburg line tracks beginning around Franconia/Springfield. Some trees appear to have been recently cut. Do you have any information on what is is about?

    VRE Response
    Generally speaking, the various utility companies who have their utility lines in, or adjacent to, the railroad right of way will clear the right of way for access and/or changes to the placement of the utilities. In this same area, we should start seeing some activity related to the 3rd track project scheduled to start sometime in 2018. Hope this helps.


  • dave from fredericksburg asks
    are there any plans for an earlier train than the current 300 express? I would be interested in one if such was being discussed.

    VRE Response
    We do not have any current plans to add a train departing earlier than the current 300 express.



  • Mike from Leeland asks
    Leeland has new roof and gutters, one gutter has a 2" hole in bottom and the down spout is not connected, it is 3" to the side can this be fix?

    VRE Response
    We will pass this information to our Facilities Manager. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  • Dennis from Union Station asks
    Do senior monthly passes begin at age 62?

    VRE Response
    They start at age 65.


  • Kevin from Quantico asks
    This is for those consistent riders that use the restroom facilities on the northbound trains prior to your station: While you are doing your last-minute business, that does not guarantee you the right upon exiting to cut in front of other people waiting to depart at the next station as well. A better suggestion would be use the facilities beforehand or just wait until you get to your ultimate destination. Otherwise, to everyone else, it can appear that you are using this stinky-stall tactic to gain leverage over others. Be courteous and considerate of others please...

    VRE Response
    We were not aware of this tactic. It adds another wrinkle to the queuing issue. If you are using this method intentionally, you are on notice this is not very courteous.


  • Elizabeth from Fredericksburg, VA asks
    I would just like to say: Congratulations -- 25 years!!

    VRE Response
    Thanks, Elizabeth!

  • James Burton from Fredericksburg, VA asks
    When are you going to modernize the parking and platform at Fredericksburg? Or how about having a station?

    VRE Response
    The DC2RVA study currently underway by the Department of Rail and Public Transportation is exploring some options for the Fredericksburg Station. Parking capacity is also being studied by the City.



  • Courtesy request from Manassas, VA asks
    When an email is sent out to indicate a train may be late, can a follow up email also be sent to indicate a train is now on the move? Thank you Additionally, being told through email that the train talk emails aren't giving me permission to be late, isn't very courteous. "The emails sent out through train talk is not giving riders permission to be late, it's a courtesy letting passengers know what's going on."

    VRE Response
    If any train is stopped for a lengthy amount of time, we do follow up emails stating when it is on the move. Not knowing the specific situation you are referring to, we apologize if that did not happen. Also, not knowing the context of the email you received, we regret if you felt our answer was not up to par. Our goal is to give passengers as much information as possible during delays so they can make decisions about their commute.


  • Sotiris from Triangle, VA asks
    Based on 15+ years of experience VRE has and continues to have slowdown or breakdown issues with either snow, rain, heat, cold, mechanical failures, brush fires, deer, etc. When these events occur their doesn't seem to be any logic in addressing the situation from the passengers perspective as when a train stops right after or before a station and everyone is stuck there for hours. In my work I need to come up with contingency plans how come VRE doesn't have any? or if they exist by must have been written by people who don't use the system.

    VRE Response
    As you listed, there are many reasons for delays, but we do experience similar situations and make decisions accordingly. During unexpected service disruptions that we know are going to be lengthy, we will have trains stop at a station so riders have the opportunity to make alternative transportation plans. If we think trains are going to remain at the platform over an hour, we call the local agencies to see if we can get buses for our passengers. Although we identify as commuter rail, we know the passengers (and their safety) are our first priority.

  • David from Wash DC / L'Enfant Station asks
    Each evening about 3:10-3:30 walking up the ramp (7th street side) to the L'Enfant station there is always 2-3 individuals smoking right by that entrance to the walkway and leaning on the rails. I was under the impression they were to smoke at the other end of the station. If they need to smoke can they be asked to move further away from that entrance? The smoke does bother some people.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the courtesy reminder.


  • Linda P from Woodbridge, VA asks
    I hear that Orange Line on the Metro will be shut down. Many who arrive to DC may find that they have to take on an alternate route metro wise.

    VRE Response
    No problem, Linda. VRE will be glad to have those riders join us.

  • Betty from Manassas VA asks
    Has VRE noted that the foam in the seats have broken down on the last car on 327? The seat upstairs on the right side (one in front of the two seats in rear) isn't attached at the base and a huge spring hurts the bottom. Have noticed at least two riders fall off seat.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As part of our life cycle maintenance program, we have a project that should be underway soon to replace seat bottom cushions.


  • Tom from Fairfax, VA asks
    Can you change the Manassas line northbound schedule to be more evenly spaced in the morning? For example, I depart from Rolling Road, and if I miss the 328 (7:08 AM), I might as well drive in, because I can be at my desk by the time train 330 comes in at 7:53 AM. Yet earlier in the morning, if I miss the 326 (6:48 AM), I only have to wait 20 minutes for the 328.

    VRE Response
    We have no plans to change schedules anytime soon. We will however, retain the suggestion and scenario you described and determine if this can be accommodated when we implement the next schedule change.


  • Kim from Burke, VA asks
    Not a question... just more of a friendly reminder that might need to be reiterated. Everyone has baggage... everyone brings many bags on the train and may at times forget etiquette with their bags. Since I don't like getting hit by people's bags, I always take mine off my shoulder and put in front of me as I am going down the aisles. And for people with knapsacks on their backs need to be especially aware that there are people behind them when they put them on and when they are walking around. Thanks.

    VRE Response
    This is a great courtesy reminder. Thanks.

  • Jabe Lloyd Johnson from Stafford, VA asks
    Are there plans to put into service newer trains and retire the older ones?

    VRE Response
    Yes, we hope to place into service new passenger cars and retire the older (Legacy) cars within a week or so.


  • Oli from Fredericksburg asks
    Would it be possible for you guys to extend the online form, or at least post answers to questions you weren't able to get to during the form? I asked a question last month about a posting the VRE made about social media last month and it wasn't answered.

    VRE Response
    For now, we ask if we did not answer your question during the online forum please submit your question to


  • Ken from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Thank you for providing me a safe and convenient commute from Woodbridge to L'Enfant for the past 15 years. Would it be possible to remove the two large dead trees in front of the Woodbridge Station (Addams family landscaping) and pressure wash the station lobby floor to remove twenty years of chewing gum and other grime?

    VRE Response
    We will pass this along to our Facilities Manager for further action. Thanks for bringing this up.


  • Connie from Dumfries, VA asks
    Do you know if the rate increase passed? if so, what will the new increase will be? When will the site be updated to reflect the new fare?

    VRE Response
    The VRE Operations Board approved a 3% fare increase at the April Board Meeting. The new fare increase will take place on July 1st and you can see them here.  



  • David from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Why doesn't the mobile monthly ticket have a grace day? The April ticket expired April 30 and the May ticket will expire on May 31. It should be June 1.

    VRE Response
    The monthly tickets in VRE Mobile also have a grace day and we are working with our developer to fix the logic with the monthly ticket . We tell the conductors even though the app may display wrong information, there is a grace day for mobile monthly users.


  • Ed C from Burke asks
    The new lights are quite decorative; not sure why they were necessary but they look good nonetheless. Will a speaker pointing towards where the quiet car passengers ever be installed so we can actually hear and understand the messages?

    VRE Response
    You didn't provide a location where you are having trouble hearing the messages - send us an email with some more information at and we'll look into this. Regarding the lighting; VRE is moving to a uniform LED lighting configuration on platforms to reduce energy costs and enhance the amount of lighting available for passenger safety and security. L'Enfant is currently getting the new lights and others will follow shortly.


  • Margaret from Fredericksburg, VA asks
    I know that the strategic plan states that there will be more trains operating until 2020. But, is there any room to modify the plan to consider running one train rotation on Saturday on both lines? The traffic volume on the weekends has gotten worse. This past weekend with the repairs on the Dale City bridge was awful and will repeat this weekend. Thank you.

    VRE Response
    We do not anticipate being able to add weekend service by 2020.


  • Sid from Manassas asks
    I was bumped into by a car a few weeks ago while walking to my own vehicle in broad run. The car that hit me was trying to push it's way through a crowd of pedestrians. I was completely unhurt by the incident, my watch face was just slightly scuffed was all, but still, the car didn't even stop to see if I was alright. Can we PLEASE get some regular patrols at broad run? The parking lot is incredibly unsafe.

    VRE Response
    Prince William County Police has agreed to provide random police presence and we'll continue to ask our Broad Run passengers to use an abundance of caution when driving through the lot where pedestrians are present.


  • Mike from Manassas VA asks
    Manassas 327 needs more seats. 2/5 days i can not find any seats until backlick.

    VRE Response
    We do know 327 (a 7 car set) does get a lot of ridership. Our current plan is to expand 327 to an 8 car set train once we receive additional cars and expand the associated train storage. This could come as early as the beginning of CY 2018.


  • Feeling Neglected from Leeland to Quantico asks
    I have two things: 1)I asked this last year and was told the Meet the Management would come to Leeland Station and Quantico but they did not. I'm not sure why they stopped but not everyone goes all they way up they line. Are we not as important as those who do?? 2)What's the story with the overhead crossing footbridge at Quantico? Is this something that is going to be built or a fairytale? And if it is going to be built, any timeline? Thank you!

    VRE Response
    We have plans to do pop-up events, similar to Meet The Management, at specific stations to share information regarding upcoming projects or other pertinent topics for those stations.  One specifically will be to share the plans for the station improvements at Quantico.  We'll have the Project Manager there to answer questions specific to the project.  Stay tuned for a complete schedule of events.



  • Long Time Rider from Leeland-Stafford asks
    I asked about this several months ago and some progress was made but the problem was not completely taken care of. Work was started months ago to replace the roof and shutters at Leeland station. Debris was left on the ground lying all around that just created an eyesore. Finally most was addressed and taken away but the gutters still are on the ground to the point that the grass has started growing over them. Can this be checked on and rectified?

    VRE Response
    Yes, we will direct our Facilities Manager to look into this and finish cleaning up the site.


  • Theo from Fredericksburg VA asks
    There are several passengers that stand up and move to block the exit doors at Crystal City that do not depart at Crystal City and make it very difficult for those of us that do depart at Crystal City to DE-TRAIN there. Would you please have the conductors advise these passengers to wait until the people at that stop depart the train before they stand at the exit doors in the cabin? Thank you.

    VRE Response
    Theo, queuing is an ongoing problem.  Conductors have more tasks to attend to other than watching for passengers blocking the aisles, however, they do warn passengers and ask them to sit down but when they walk away the passengers do it anyway.  As a general rule, Standing Means Detraining, so when crowded, we ask the queuing passengers to step off the train and make sure everyone who wants to depart may do so easily.  The queuers may then reboard and we can keep the train moving.


  • Peach from asks
    Is it possible to look into motorcycle parking for Broad Run (or even other stations)? These smaller transportation devices take up a big spot for for their size.

    VRE Response
    Reconfiguration of the existing layout at Broad Run is challenging given demand outpacing supply. We will continue to look for options to improve where possible.


  • Doug from Burke, VA asks
    I have been riding VRE for over 10 years and very pleased with the service. Super work! I recently switched from a monthly ticket to a ten trip. When I validate the ticket at L'Enfant, sometimes the platform is so packed it is difficult to get to the ticket machines. I know capitol improvements are difficult, but want to suggest VRE add to it list to make the platform wider over the bridge section of the platform at L'Enfant. Thanks. Doug

    VRE Response
    We are currently working on concepts to lengthen and broaden the L'Enfant Station. Come out to our meet the management event at this station on May 17th and we can give you more information. 


  • Nina from Springfield VA asks
    How do I go from Springfield to Fredericksburg or Spotsylvania VA.alexandria is also near me if is more convenient to depart from there; please advise. Thanks for any help!

    VRE Response
    We have trains leaving from the VRE Franconia/Springfield station in the evenings going to the VRE Spotsylvania or Fredericksburg stations.  See our southbound schedule.


  • Irma from Little Rock,Ar asks
    How do I access my phone number and how do I get my phone app to work?

    VRE Response
    Just download the VRE Mobile App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once you've done that, you are ready to purchase and ride.  Any questions, you can call the main office at (703) 684-1001.


  • Roy from Manassas, Virginia asks
    Always a pleasure using VRE going into the District of Columbia. I know the first train out of Union Station back to Manassas is at 1:15 with the next at 3:45. I wanted to ask if you are planning on shortening that time gap between the first and second train to possibly have another train depart Union Station at say 2:30? I have noticed that you have a fairly decent number of passengers boarding at 3:45 and I would suspect, offering an additional train would prove beneficial, particularly to those of us who work abbreviated schedules. As always, it is an extreme pleasure riding on your system. Thank You

    VRE Response
    Roy, thanks for riding the VRE.  We work closely with our host railroads (CSX, Norfolk Southern and Amtrak) to develop our schedules. During the period you note, there are other trains scheduled (freight trains and Amtrak). As such, we have no immediate plans to have a train operate during this period but will continue to work with our host railroads on scheduling VRE trains the best we can to align with your work day schedules.


  • David from Fredericksburg asks
    During your March session, responding to a question on the Legacy cars, you stated that "We expect new cars to be in service in April at which time the final legacy cars will be retired." Could you update the expected out-of-service date for the Legacy cars?

    VRE Response
    The replacement (new) passenger cars arrived in mid-April. The new cars are currently going through the required commissioning and testing process. We hope to have them placed into service within the next week. At that time, the Legacy cars will be retired.


  • Michael from Ruther glen asks
    Has there been any consideration to adding a earlier line from spotslyvania between the 0620 departure and the 0704 departure.

    VRE Response
    Not at this time, Michael. There is other train traffic currently scheduled during this time including Amtrak 91 and Amtrak 86. Amtrak 86 (a VRE Step-Up Train) departs Fredericksburg Station at 6:56 am if this is an option for you. 


  • Monica from Fairfax VA asks
    I see white shuttle vans at the Backlick station and a sign posted on the outside of the van saying Overflow parking. Is there overflow parking? If so, is it available to everyone and where is the parking and what train schedule do the vans serve (don't see them all the time).

    VRE Response
    We believe these are private shuttle services that are staging in our parking lots.  They are not associated directly with VRE. 

  • Arthur from Burke asks
    There is a woman who rides 332 to L'Enfant who starts her work day from the VRE. Some days, she's on the phone in business conversations for the whole trip. This isn't done from the Quiet Car and I know phone conversations are OK, but there should be some rule of reason as her continuous conversations are annoying and keep those near her from enjoying their quiet time or making brief calls themselves.

    VRE Response
    From our Rider's Guide:

    "CELL PHONES - Cell phones are permitted on trains. Please be considerate of other passengers by holding your voice down and keeping conversations to a minimum."

    Please ask a conductor for assistance if this continues to be an issue.


  • Sam from Bristow. VA asks
    There's a bird poop issue at the entrance to the Broad Run Station. It was cleaned up once. It's bad again. There needs to be a permanent fix.

    VRE Response
    Thanks, Sam. We will direct our Facilities Maintenance crew to get this cleaned up and keep a closer eye on it.



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