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Rich, Chris, et al.

  • Loui from Warrenton asks
    I know there are delays that happen but the last several weeks it seemed like a daily occurrence trying to get the 329 out of Union Station. This morning was the final straw. Piper lane was flooded; the cones were up but no sign stating road flooded. So we all drove down to the cones and then back again. Then we all drove to the next entrance only to find that blocked by train engine at the crossing. I then drove to the other side of the airport to get entrance to the parking lot. Then at 5:13, when the 322 pulled in to Manassas I received a text that Piper Lane is closed due to flooding. A little late for everyone on the train. It seems that VRE is disorganized trying to get the trains to depart on time. I am sure that all the VRE employees found Piper Lane flooded but still no update until after we had left Broad Run. After 6 years I will be changing to OmniRide bus out of Gainesville.

    VRE Response
    To ensure we completely understand your situation and how you are using the step-up ticket, please contact us at 703-684-1001.

  • Karen from Stafford, VA asks
    For the Keolis folks, what is your favorite locomotive to operate, maintain, or work on? Please refer to the name plate on it.

    VRE Response
    Not all locomotives (trains) have the nameplates on the front. But the favorite around the room is locomotive V52.

  • Juanita from Fredericksburg, Virginia asks
    Can you make more Express morning trains and some evening trains such as the 4:40 train as an express train.

    VRE Response
    We have no immediate plans to implement additional Express trains at this time.

  • Paulie from Wilderness asks
    Any word on those seat bottom replacements?

    VRE Response
    We have a project to replace seat bottoms that should start later this calendar year.

  • Stephen from Annandale asks
    Any plans for integrating PRTC's app with yours?

    VRE Response
    We have no immediate plans.

  • Curious from Train World asks
    If VRE was an ice cream flavor, what would it be? Flavor and Ben and Jerry's type name please?!

    VRE Response
    To be honest, we all struggled with this a bit. We can't relate to any Ben and Jerry's nomenclature, but some of the favorites around the room here are:

    Steel and Stone

    Iron and Smoke

    Locomotive Breath


    Positive Flavor Control

  • Rick from Manassas asks
    Hi, I saw some passengers on upper floor put their feet away up to the barrier so sometimes when I was in the line and standing, their feet just above my head. could you please ask conductors when they see this attitude to ask the passenger remove their feet? Thank you.

    VRE Response
    We will pass this along to the train crews and thanks for the courtesy reminder.

  • David from Woodbridge asks
    What are those new super small speed bumps at the Woodbridge Parking garage used for? They are only about 1.5 feet wide.

    VRE Response
    These are vehicle entry/exit sensors for the parking counter system. When your car drives over it, it sends a signal to our program that will help riders know how many parking spaces are still available at a given lot.

  • Dave from Fredericksburg asks
    Who is responsible for periodic cleaning of the accessible portions of the Fredericksburg station? Can something be done more often to eliminate the trash, broken glass, spalling concrete, and other trash that accumulates, especially in the walkways under the station?

    VRE Response
    We will pass this information on to the City of Fredericksburg.

  • Gwen from Manassas asks
    Why were the trees at Manassas Park station cut down? It took away the shade from the platform. Also, can you please have someone fill the craters that are forming in the parking lot?

    VRE Response
    The trees, although shady, were becoming too large for the location. They were creating issues from a safety/security and maintenance standpoint. On the parking lot matter, we'll refer your comments to our Manager of Facilities Maintenance.

  • James from Fredericksburg asks
    What is going on with FRCs? I've been on trains that have been delayed well over 30 minutes and A. The VRE seems to not acknowledge this half the time, and B. They never seem to hand out FRCs. Past few weeks I've been delayed what seems to be 50% of the time, and have gotten one FRC. Used to be you guys were on the ball with handing these out, but they seem to never get handed out now. Its starting to seem like the VRE just dosn't care.

    VRE Response
    If you were not able to receive an FRC, you can always submit your request through our website at

  • Davom from Woodbridge, VA asks
    In the VRE mobile app, when I touch the ticket to open it, it doesn't open right away. I have to touch it multiple times for it to open.

    VRE Response
    Davom, please contact a Communications Specialist here at our main office at (703) 684-1001 between the hours of 7am - 7pm, and one of the Specialist will be glad to assist you. 

  • Davin from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Yesterday afternoon, why did a VRE train parked at the L'Enfant storage yard have to go into the station before going to Union Station.

    VRE Response
    Trains operating into and out of the storage track have to be clear of the dispatcher controlled location known as an interlocking/control point. Since the signals for trains proceeding north are at the north end of the platform, the train had to be able to view them before proceeding.

  • Dick from Louisa asks
    What project are you most excited about at the moment?

    VRE Response
    All of them. We've got a lot in the pipeline, both internally in process improvements, and outward that will be immediately enjoyed by passengers.

  • Davin from Woodbridge, VA asks
    When I board Train #306 in the morning, I see that a few people put their bags on the seat next to them which blocks people from sitting there. Maybe, you should play that automated announcement not to put your bags on the seat. After all, your bag didn't buy a ticket, so it's not eligible for a seat

    VRE Response
    Keolis managers will address the issues of bags on the seats with the train crews. 

  • Davin from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Recently when Manassas Train #329 was late and Fredericksburg Train #309 arrived on time before the Manassas Train, the platform at L'Enfant Plaza is overcrowded with Manassas riders leaving no room for the Fredericksburg people to stand. We have to squeeze to the front of the platform to board the train. People don't always move back out of the way

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the courtesy reminder.

  • Gregory from Burke asks
    I am wondering if VRE would consider to build covered stations (train shed or canopy) as consideration for rainy days which we experience lately.

    VRE Response
    There are no current plans to build train sheds at our stations. We do have several station improvement projects in the planning stages that will add additional canopies.

  • Drew Smith from Lorton asks
    If I have 1-4 Zone Monthly ticket for Fredericksburg line, can I use it to travel in the same zone for Manassas line? Thank you

    VRE Response
    Yes Drew, you can always ride within your zones on either line.

  • Insominiac from Please let me sleep asks
    I get sending out texts for flooding affecting my commute in the early morning. But come join our online talk shouldn't be sent before that alert. Doesn't make me a happy camper.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Insominiac.

  • Fred from Woodbridge, VA asks
    What can be done to make VRE more accessible on the weekends. I am a former New Yorker and it was a THRILL to take the ttrain in to the City and hang out on the weekends. I would like some type of limited service on the Weeekend so I don't have to be bothred with the car at all and just enjoy sites and sounds of D.C. with my family. I am sure many people would take advantage of this.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the question, Fred. Our current established purpose is to serve as a commuter service designed to reduce the congestion on the highways during weekday rush periods. We are focused on being more accessible, but we first have to manage capacity constraints during our existing service periods.

  • Jay from Manassas asks
    Thank you for protecting the revenue as it is more crucial now since ridership is down but summonses are up. Must be easier to check tickets when less people are riding the trains.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Jay.

  • Anne from Woodbridge asks
    You really need to step up your social media game. You often let posts go unanswered. Don't respond to trolls but do respond to people with legitimate concerns. You always talk about on here answering all emails so why the discrimination against social posts? I get railroads is 17th century technology but that doesn't mean you should only answer telegrams because "back in your day" that was the real way to communicate.

    VRE Response
    We'll look at what we're doing on social media. Our goal is to provide an answer to anything sent via any method, in a timely manner.

  • Tamika from Springfield asks
    Thanks for making the trains not leave early anymore. Always so frustrating to show up early for a train only to have missed it.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Tamika.

  • John A. from Springfield, VA asks
    Metro has a lot of track work starting Aug 11 thru the end of the year. Is VRE ready to handle the extra riders? During Metro Safe Track VRE encouraged Metro riders to take VRE without adding trains or service which led to packed VRE trains and lousy VRE service. Did VRE learn anything from Metro Safetrack to implement with this new Metro track work so the service is better than during Safetrack???

    VRE Response
    VRE is currently reviewing potential service plans, utilizing lessons learned from the previous Safetrack projects, and will likely determine what changes, if any, will be available to support the new Metro track work later this year.

  • Gregory from Bristow asks
    Switching to mobile is a SNAP? I don't remember it being that easy. SmarTrip benefits offer resistance to your process. I would modify your campaign to be a little less misleading, like, "once you learn how to snap, it's easy." Not as catchy I know, but more accurate.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Gregory.

  • David from Dumfries asks
    When will construction commence on an improved Quantico station and when will installation of Track 1 through Quantico resume?

    VRE Response
    We are working to have final design completed this year, procurement for construction by the end of the year and construction to begin early next year.  The third track project will resume in conjunction with the platform build-out.  As with everything else, there are many moving parts which could affect the timeline.

  • Tonya from Burke asks
    What happened to the newspaper boxes at Burke station? And when are you putting them back? The Express delivery person is just putting the newspapers on the ground, which makes it very difficult for people with limited balance and/or mobility to pick one up. Not to mention destruction of the newspaper itself in the rain.

    VRE Response
    We are not sure why the newspaper boxes were removed. We we'll check with Fairfax County.

  • robert from dumfries asks
    At one time there was discussion about having the Amtrak step-up trains showing on the Train Status page. Is this still under consideration. Secondly the Rippon station page has outdated information about the elevator outage from almost 2 years ago.

    VRE Response
    Robert, we are still working with Amtrak to get access to their data feeds to add the step-up trains to our map and status page.  The Rippon page has been updated.  Thank you.

  • Pam from Fredericksburg asks
    Good Morning. I tried to submit this earlier; however, I got an error message. Please excuse me if this is a duplicate. I know the conductors are trained in the use of common courtesy because a great many of them use it with the exception of one who refuses to utter an "excuse me or pardon me" and instead, uses his belly or girth to move passengers out of the way. Not one time will he open his mouth and say, "excuse me". Also, I realize that we are in the midst of summer and have people using the VRE that normally don't. Could you please ask your conductors to exercise a little intestinal fortitude and ask these passengers to remove their feet and luggage from the seats? Thanks.

    VRE Response
    Pam, the Keolis Managers here today will take these comments back to the crews.

  • Richard from Bristow, VA asks
    Sirs, This regards Broad Run/Airport. This past winter when I originally asked the question, VRE said this summer they would paint stripes in front of the entrance to the platform area to signal cars to pull up past that egress area. Is this still in your plans? The congestion as a result of cars dropping off and picking up pax should be better controlled.

    VRE Response
    We will get an update from our Manager of Facilities and pass the information along.

  • Dave from Manassas asks
    Now that the L'Enfant storage track is finally in use, what trains will be lengthened?

    VRE Response
    We've begun utilizing the storage track at the north end of the platform which has allowed us to eliminate the extra trips to and from Broad Run just to store that specific train.  Once we begin utilizing the storage track to the south, we will have two trains there, enabling us to lengthen trains stored at the Amtrak yard north of Union Station.  We'll give specific train lengthening information when we get closer to using the storage track.

  • Brian from Broad Run asks
    Since the hot weather began it seems that originating trains at Union Station mosey on up to the platform – often just in time to not be late just like Amtrak always was, and when the train finally arrives, the doors of the train remain closed for 2-3 minutes, letting us swelter in the heat while your people decide that they will finally open the doors FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. My questions: 1. Why do the trains mosey up to the station rather than arrive promptly and 2. Why do the conductors take their sweet time about opening the doors?

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the questions Brian.  The trains come down from the coach yard once the pre-trip checks are complete and they get clearance to make the move.  There is no intentional effort to arrive more slowly or to keep the doors closed longer than necessary.

  • Dave from 300 Express asks
    Now that the 300 Express has to wait until a certain time to depart Alexandria/L'Enfant stations will you all consider having this train depart Spotsy 5-10 minutes earlier in the morning?

    VRE Response
    Sorry Dave, no immediate plans to change the departure from Spotsy.  We'll watch to see if there needs to be a schedule adjustment at Alexandria to minimize the dwell time.

  • JP from Fredericksburg asks
    the question as last month. why do some conductors not shut off the air vents as we go through the Union Station tunnel and some do? is that because they are standing in a car with the vent off?

    VRE Response
    The crews are all supposed to close the dampers as they go through the tunnel.  The Keolis Managers here with us today will reiterate with the conductors.

  • Michelle from Woodbridge, VA asks
    Thank you for installing the yellow poles at Rippon Station. Brilliant! You eliminated two problems: crazy VRE drivers racing to get out of the parking lot AND semi trucks driving in/out and parking in the VRE lot. Many thanks.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the comment Michelle.  The poles are part of our new parking count system, but we're glad they serve multiple purposes.

Welcome to another monthly forum. We hope you are enjoying your summer.

As you know, we have been experiencing several weather, heat and train congestion related delays. In some cases, the weather related issues have carried over from one service period to another. During the delays, we are in continuous contact with our host railroads and once information is provided to us, we provide the information to you. With all service related delays, the safety of you, railroad personnel and the public is paramount. We hear your frustrations and will continue to work with all of our stakeholders to improve communications and overall system reliability.

Today, we have VRE staff, Amtrak and folks from Keolis in the studio. Now, onto the questions.