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  • Phil from Burke asks
    Is there a way from app to auto buying monthly ticket?

    VRE Response
    Not yet Phil.  We are upgrading the mobile platform which will allow you to save a favorite purchase, but we don't have auto-recurring purchases yet.

  • Matt from Burke asks
    I too want to thank the VRE crew on morning 324 and afternoon 329 trains. You hire the most outstanding people. The ride is always stress free and relaxed. It is a wonderful way to start and end a day riding VRE.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Matt, we'll share with the crews.

  • Cam from Stafford, VA asks
    With the lack of cell service between stations on the Fred line, is there any possibility of installing WiFi for the passengers?

    VRE Response
    The lack of cell service is the primary reason we do not have WiFi on the trains. 

  • Timechange from Fred Line asks
    Can you all please consider moving the 300 Express departure time 10-15 minutes earlier in the near future?

    VRE Response
    There are no plans at this time to move train 300 to an earlier departure.

  • Betty from Manassas VA asks
    Was there a January VRE Ride Magazine? If so when was it distributed?

    VRE Response
    See previously answered question.

  • Davin from Woodbridge, VA asks
    What happened to the RIDE VRE magazine? There has been no January or February issue

    VRE Response
    See previously answered question.

  • Dave from Woodbridge, VA asks
    I was curious if VRE is considering expanding service in the near future since Amazon will be adding 25K (update to 38,750) jobs in Crystal City over the next few years? If so does VRE plan to add additional cars to existing trains or does VRE plan to add additional trains to both lines? These new jobs are going to have an impact on the roads, metro, and VRE. I just hope VRE is pre-planning.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Dave. Yes, VRE has been planning for ridership growth even in advance of the recent Amazon announcement. To start, you can find current and near term projects on our website at:  We will continue to update this page and provide similar information through other venues to ensure our riders are kept up to date.

  • Ruth from Falmouth asks
    I know you have address the issue of week-end train service. I have a solution that may be feasible. Run one train to DC in the morning and the same train back in the afternoon. Tickets for the train could be separate and apart from the monthly or weekly tickets, this effort could defray the cost of operating cost. Also, I was on train 300 yesterday, and I would like to commend the lead conductor on that train, because of the delay of trains 300 and 304 , the train was overly crowded, however, she handled the matter with such ease, the instructions were clear and concise at each station. She made a difficult situation bearable and I didn't see or hear any disgruntled passengers. Thanks for job well done

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Ruth.

  • Marc from Leeland asks
    I purchase my tickets from commuter direct and have them sent to me in the mail. What is the problem with the magnetic strip on the tickets I receive. I usually but either the 1 day or 10 trip depending. I have had several that won't read in any of the machines. This has happened several times and the conductors seem to be aware of it. Do you know about the issue and is commuter direct addressing it?

    VRE Response
    Sorry to hear you are having problems validating your tickets.  The issue with the Commuter Direct tickets has been resolved, though there may have been quite a few defective tickets issued.  If your tickets are not validating we will exchange those tickets for you immediately whether in person or through the mail. 

  • Keith from Fairfax Station, VA asks
    Has there been any discussion/questionnaire on the possibility of a mid-afternoon Manassas train after 325S and before 327S? This could help with some of the crowding issues. Also, you mentioned about there not being a need for those hours (or >7pm hours), but I don't recall a survey ever going out? I'd love a mid-afternoon, and even evening train option. How do you gauge need?

    VRE Response
    We know there would be enough demand for a train in the window between 325 and 327, and when we get the opportunity to add service on the Manassas Line, this is where we would try to slot a train in.  The issue now is we do not have the ability to add a train, nor do we have space in either the Maintenance and Storage Facility at Broad Run or the mid-day storage north of Union Station to store an additional train. All of the train storage issues are currently being addressed in our six-year improvement plan.

  • Marc from Leeland asks
    There is a branch growing out into the entrance to leeland station. Can you see about getting it cut?

    VRE Response
    Yes, we'll take a look at it Marc.

  • Scott from Burke, VA asks
    Also, there are some loose steps at the Rolling Road station that could be a safety hazard. Thanks for restriping the parking lot.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Scott, we shared this with our Facilities Manager.

  • Scott from Burke, VA asks
    The biggest perk that VRE could provide to passengers is adding wifi to trains. Wifi could be used as a justification for fare hikes. Wifi could also be an additional revenue source, offered as an optional service that passengers must pay an additional subscription for.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Scott.  We would love to add WiFi to the trains but have made the decision not to based solely on the quality of service which could be offered at this point given the technology and communications limitations on large segments of our territory. We continue to look for a solution which would allow us to offer a high quality WiFi experience.

  • Mark from Manassas, Virginia asks
    Is it feasible to run one train in to Union Station, perhaps one Saturday per month. Perhaps departing Broad Run at 7:00 am and departing Union Station at 7:00 pm?

    VRE Response
    Sorry Mark, not at this time.

  • Kristy from Lorton va asks
    With Metro closing Franconia Springfield Station this summer, will VRE riders still be able to access platform and the garage? Thanks!!

    VRE Response
    Great question Kristy.  VRE riders will still be able to access the elevators and platforms from the garage.

  • Elizabeth from Stafford, VA asks
    Why does it appear that the Amtrak and freight trains come by unexpectedly? I have been held on a train multiple times and told we were waiting for Amtrak or a freight train to pass. If everything runs on such rigid schedules, shouldn't the schedule factor in the need for Amtrak or freight passage?

    VRE Response
    Great question Elizabeth.  Our schedules are developed taking into account the scheduled operation of Amtrak trains, and as much as we can, the freight trains.  Since both Amtrak and freight trains operate over a much larger territory, those trains are more likely to have their schedule impacted by something occurring far outside our operating area.  When those issues happen, the dispatchers do their best to help us maintain our schedules while fitting those trains in the mix when they reach our area.  The goal is to keep the entire railroad network moving.

  • Concerned from Woodbridge asks
    Each afternoon on the 303 train an older gentleman boards at Springfield on the last car. From there he stands in the isle or stairway until Woodbridge blocking other passengers from getting off. Also, if he is not the first off the train he pushes or makes rude remarks to passengers. Yesterday after getting off the train I saw him run and push a young a woman as he went by and didn't even say excuse me. Finally he speeds in the garage in his white car while leaving through the wrong exit at the station. I understand people cueing when their stop is next but not for multiple stops.

    VRE Response
    We will ask the crew on 303 to keep an eye out for this.  We'll also share with Prince William County on the garage issue.

  • Michael from Annandale, VA asks
    (1) It looks like the AEDs are new. Did the first aid supplies get updated on the trains? (2) Any love coming for the Backlick Rd station? I see that lots of the Fredericksburg line stations are getting new/expanded platforms over the next few years, meanwhile Backlick still has a short platform and the parking lot is full on most days. (3) Haven't seen a new issue of "Ride" in a while, is it still being published? Thanks and please let the Keolis folks know that the conductors are doing a great job.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the questions and the nice comment Michael,

    1. The AEDs are new and the first aid kits are replaced frequently to make sure the supplies are all current.

    2. The next station platform to be lengthened is Rolling Road, but our plan is to lengthen all platforms to accommodate 8-car trains.

    3. Issue 1 of RIDE for 2019 will be coming out next week.

    We have also shared your comments with Keolis so they can pass along to the crews.

  • Zahra from Manassas Park , VA asks
    Hello This is not a question., but just a thank you to the VRE conductors. The VRE crew is a team of of amazing people., always greeting us the riders with a smile and so polite. I just want to say Thank You to the Manassas Line VRE team specially the crew of Train 331 I have been taking the train (different times) for 10 years and not once did I had a bad experience. They are an amazing set of people Thank you

    VRE Response
    Thank you for the nice comments Zahra, we are happy you are pleased with the service provided by the crew.  We have share this with the Keolis managers and they will pass on our thanks to the crews.

  • John from Springfield, VA asks
    What is the status on the VRE/WMATA agreement concerning the parking fare at Franconia-Springfield Station?

    VRE Response
    We just received an update this morning saying we are very close, but WMATA has a couple details to work through.  Sorry for the delay, but we'll stay on it.

  • gwen from spotsylvania asks
    PLEASE, is it possible for you to come to an agreement with Amtrak to place just one ticket machine on the Amtrak side of the station? It would be very beneficial to your senior riders and those with disabilities when the escalators are not operational, or when we may be running a tad late to go to the VRE side to validate and then get over to the Amtrak side to ride the elevator or escalator down. If there is such a thing as a VRE side and an Amtrak side, why is Amtrak allowed to utilize the VRE side? When Amtrak passengers disembark on the VRE side and reach the station, they are in full force coming through both automated doors which adds to the difficulty of trying to get to the VRE side. Again, having just one vending machine on the Amtrak side would be so helpful. THANKS

    VRE Response
    Great question Gwen.  We will bring this up with Amtrak and see if we can at least relocate one of the three existing machines there.

  • Mikki from Manassas, VA asks
    Will you be adding more cars the the 0623 morning train? It has been really crowded when boarding. Taking an alternative time is not an option for some riders.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for asking Mikki, Train 326 (Departs Manassas at 6:23 am) is already an 8-car train.  We do not have any plans to lengthen our trains beyond 8 cars in the near term.

  • Paul from Alexandria, VA asks
    Good morning! I'm a reverse commuter on the Manassas line. Can we please get a later morning train i.e. 8am? Also the current morning train has to wait 15 minutes on the track outside Manassas for another train to pass by, could we have longer idle times at the previous stations to offset this waiting period in one spot? Thanks! -Paul

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Paul. The current reverse flow train (Train 321) operates on the schedule it does so we can utilize the equipment for our final northbound train (Train 332) in the morning service window.  We do not foresee the schedule changing anytime soon.

  • Tara from Fredericksburg VA asks
    When will the elevator at the Fredericksburg station be cleaned? It is very dirty. Plus it operates very slow at that. Any chance of both these issues being rectified?

    VRE Response
    Thanks Tara, not sure we can do anything about the speed of the elevator, but we'll notify the City of Fredericksburg who cleans and maintains these elevators. 

  • Smyth from Manassas, VA asks
    VRE must to better than completely abandoning people when there is bad weather. Not everyone works for the federal government or if they do, not everyone follows OPM. Please stop the BS of claiming VRE is concerned about our safety. Let us worry about our safety. VRE needs to worry about running the trains. Even a few runs in the morning and evening are better than nothing. Additionally, I paid for a month's worth of rides, how will VRE compensate me for not running twice within the past few months?

    VRE Response
    We appreciate the feedback Smyth.  When it is safe to operate, we will operate our trains.  We take OPM's decision into account only to determine the level of service we offer.  If the Federal Government closes, but we feel it is safe to operate and passengers can get safely to and from our stations, we will generally operate on an "S" schedule.  If conditions make travel to and from the stations dangerous, and VDOT or the Virginia State Police are asking people to stay off the roads, we will not operate.

  • Carol from Burke asks
    Are you considering expanding the number of quiet cars on each train? The quiet cars are typically at capacity on the trains I generally take.

    VRE Response
    Sorry Carol, we have no plans to increase the number of quiet cars per train.

  • Bill from Fredericksburg asks
    Can VRE do something to stop the road racers and stop sign runners at thr Spotsy station. I have been almost hit, both walking to my car and driving as riders ignore the stop signs and pull out in front of other cars already in the lane. Maybe Spotsy County can reduce taxes by ticketing the inconsiderate drivers.

    VRE Response
    Thanks for the feedback Bill, we'll share your comments with Spotsylvania County.

  • Mason from Leeland Road asks
    When will the new edition of Ride release?

    VRE Response
    According to the Editor, RIDE should be available next week.

  • Kandace from Manassas, VA asks
    Can you all put an end to Broad Run folks who start queing at Manassas Park on train 327? This is literally the only train I've seen this happen on. They're a nusiance and very much in the way.

    VRE Response
    Thanks Kandace.  Queuing is a recurring issue despite constant efforts to curb the behavior.  We will ask the Keolis managers to specifically focus on 327.

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