VRE Staff direct the day-to-day activities of the system in the areas of: Customer Communications, Contract Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, Railroad and Equipment Maintenance/Oversight, Procurement, Finance and Budget Planning. 

Chief Executive Officer: Rich Dalton

          *VRE General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer: Stephen A. MacIsaac, Esq. 

Chief Operating Officer - VACANT
Marketing Communication and Engagement Manager - VACANT

System Safety and Security Administrator: Charlotte Nourse

Manager of Operations Administration: Detrius Williams

Mechanical Operations Specialist: Monica McKenzie

Operations Administrative Temp: Vanessa Desrouleaux

Mechanical Operations Manager - Crossroads: Douglas C. Knieriem

Mechanical Operations Manager - Broad Run: Rob McClung

Manager of Project Development: Christine Hoeffner

Planning Program Manager: Nick Ruiz

Director of Mechanical Operations: Sarah Higgins

Manager of Warehouse & Inventory Control: Tim Thomasson

Warehouse Specialist: Ryan Warren

Warehouse Specialist: Justin Ward

Warehouse Temp: Virginia Martin

Chief Engineer: Dallas Richards

Project Manager: Kip Foster

Project Manager – Design and Construction: Adeel Mysorewala

Project Manager - Design and Construction: Chris Kocher

Project Manager: VACANT

Manager of Facilities Maintenance: Eric Johnson

Facilities Maintenance Administrator: Mike Covel

Director of Rail Operations: Chris Henry

Operations and Communications Administrator: Paul Rink

Senior Communications Specialist: Ryan Lange

Senior Communications Specialist: Katy Nicholson

Communications Specialist: Brenda Thompson

Communications Specialist: Annalee Judd

Communications Specialist: Natasha Khan

Communications Specialist: Kevin Goldman

Director of Information Technology: Robert Hostelka

Senior Systems Engineer: John Duque

Network & Telecommunications Specialist: Alex Sugatan

IT Intern: Paul Brown

IT Intern: Luke Adair

ERP PM Consultant - Pravin Chaudhari

Enterprise Systems Administrator - VACANT


Chief Financial Officer: Mark Schofield

Comptroller: Alex Buchanan

Accounting Supervisor: Yajuan “Lucy” Lu

Accountant II: Diana Marquez

Accountant I: Grants: Zinash Nida

Accountant I: Grants: VACANT

Senior Associate Accountant: Theresa Stevenson

Associate Accountant: Alicia Lewis

Senior Financial Analyst: Khadra Abdulle

Chief Administrative Officer: Cindy Bullock

Manager of Purchasing and Contract Administration: Kristin Nutter

Contracts Administrator: Amy Keady

Contracts Administrator - Construction: Ramon Paez

Purchasing and Contract Compliance Specialist: Amanda Vitko

Human Resources Administrator: Anna Gotthardt

Executive Administrative Assistant: Lezlie Lamb

Chief of Staff: Joseph Swartz 

Public Affairs Administrator: Karen Finucan Clarkson

VRE management and staff can be contacted either by e-mail or by calling our offices anytime from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. at (703) 684-1001.

Correspondence may also be faxed to us at (703) 684-1313, e-mail to or mailed to:
1500 King Street, Suite 202
Alexandria, VA 22314