L'Enfant North and South Storage Tracks

What We’re Doing

Converting existing side tracks both north and south of L’Enfant Station so that they can be used to temporarily store trains during the middle of the day.


How It Will Help

We needed to find a new place to store cars each day in Washington, D.C. between morning and afternoon service. Converting these tracks will allow us to:

  • Store one trainset north of the station
  • Store two trainsets south of the station
  • Convert the tracks into a fourth mainline track after a permanent midday storage facility is built


When You’ll See It

Summer 2018 – L’Enfant North Storage in service

Fall 2018 – L’Enfant South under construction

Spring 2019 – L’Enfant South in service


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L'Enfant North Train Storage Track



Last updated: 08/20/2018