Lifecycle Overhaul and Upgrade Facility

What We're Doing

Building a new maintenance facility to conduct heavy maintenance on-site

How It Will Help

Today, vehicle overhauls need to take place off-site because VRE doesn’t have the equipment and facility to do so on-site. That involves time and money to get equipment off-site, sometimes to the middle of the country. It also puts equipment out of use. The new LOU Facility will:

  • Have about 33,000 square feet of maintenance capability
  • Have two tracks to hold a maximum of four cars at one time
  • Be equipped with VRE’s own Drop Table and Wheel Truing Machine
  • Shift two tracks to a new location adjacent and to the east of the existing yard
  • Build a new access road to the south end of the yard for easy construction and emergency access
  • Grade down a berm on adjacent CSX property to the west of the yard
  • Give VRE the ability to optimize maintenance and reduce costs by programmatically replacing items before they fail. This practice results in VRE locomotives and passenger cars operating at the highest level of reliability throughout the life of the equipment.

How It Is Funded

Funding for this project is provided by Federal grant programs

When You'll See It

All design has been completed. Property negotiations are underway and once these are completed, construction can begin.


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Last updated: 01/28/2019