Station Improvements

Current Projects


Alexandria Station Improvements

The purpose of this project is three-fold. First and foremost is removing the at-grade pedestrian crossing. Second, improve the interface between the track and platform in order to eliminate step boxes. Third, improve
boarding capabilities on Track 1.

Broad Run

The Broad Run Expansion project involves several elements including: parking expansion, yard expansion, addition of a third mainline track, and platform shift

Brooke Station Improvements

This project will lengthen the existing platform to better accommodate up to 8-car train consists.

Crystal City Station Improvements

Expansion and relocation of the VRE Crystal City Station to provide two platform edges and serve full-length trains.

Franconia-Springfield Station Improvements

This project will lengthen the existing platforms to better accommodate up to 8-car train consists.

Leeland Road Station Improvements

This project will extend the existing platform to better accommodate 8-car train consists.

Lorton Station Second Platform

The improvements completed in 2017 are deemed adequate to accommodate VRE trains and the planned third track. Future work at the station will include a second platform and pedestrian overpass to accommodate
construction of the fourth track by DRPT.

Manassas Park Station Parking Expansion

Expansion of Parking at the Manassas Park station. Addition of a parking garage.

Penta-Platforms Station Improvements

The Penta-Platforms Project will add capacity to the CSXT RF&P Subdivision by generally extending platforms and/or adding second platforms at five VRE Fredericksburg Line stations.

Potomac Shores Station

This new VRE station will be a key component of Potomac Shores’ emerging town center.

Quantico Station Improvements

Quantico Station Improvements includes design, permitting, and construction of a new center platform, pedestrian bridge and extension of the existing platform.

Rippon Station Improvements

This project is for the design and construction of a platform extension at Rippon Station with pedestrian overpass to accommodate full-length trains.

Rolling Road Platform Extension

Platform extension to accommodate a standard 8 car consist.

Station Facilities Projects

Status update of VRE facilities projects as reported in the VRE CEO Report.