Alexandria Station Improvements

What We're Doing

The project will improve ADA-compliant access using the existing grade-separated pedestrian tunnel and new elevator access. Improvements also include eliminating the pedestrian grade crossing and modifying the east
platform for boarding on Track 1.

How It Will Help

The project will provide an ADA-compliant, grade-separated pedestrian tunnel and elevator access between the two platforms at the VRE/Amtrak station in Alexandria and modify and extend the east platform at the station to accommodate eight-car trains and enable the platform to service two trains simultaneously, from a track on each side of the platform. The west platform adjacent to the station building will also be modified to raise its height relative to the top of rail as part of the project. Project funding sources include state SmartScale and Federal funds (through VDOT) to eliminate railroad grade crossings. Currently the project schedule is slightly ahead of the final year of funding allocation, which must be addressed with VRE's funding partners through either reprogramming of funds or short-term borrowing.

The proposed improvements will remove the timber pedestrian grade crossing across Track 3 (closest to the station) and Track 2. This will be accomplished by adding elevators to both platforms and adjusting the platform

Today, passenger trains (VRE and AMTRAK) primarily use Tracks 3 and 2 requiring use of the tunnel or the timber pedestrian grade crossing. Removing the timber pedestrian grade crossing will:

  • Provide a safer passenger crossing of the tracks between the two platforms
  • Offer a second transfer mode (elevator) from the platform to the tunnel in addition to the stairs
  • Remove the requirement for AMTRAK personnel to escort those passengers using the center platform

Adjusting the center platform elevation, width and length will:

  • Allow passenger trains to stop at Track 1 (furthest track east of the station) offering more flexibility
  • Adjust the elevation along the platform to standard 8" above-top-of-rail (Tracks 1 and 2)
  • Remove the need for step-boxes to access all trains (VRE and AMTRAK)
  • Provide a longer center platform to accommodate trains

Adjusting the Station Platform elevation will:

  • Adjust the elevation along the platform to standard 8" above-top-of-rail
  • Improve the ramp in front of the station lobby entrance
  • Adjust columns without raising the platform roof

This project will take into consideration the design for DRPT's planned Alexandria Fourth Track Project. The new fourth track will not have platform access and will be built next to Track 1.

How It Is Funded

Funding for this project is provided by Federal Highway Administration Section 130 funds through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) by a Smart Scale grant and by FTA State of Good Repair funds (Section 5337).

When You'll See It

2020 - Current Phase: Final Design

  • Full Site Development Package delivered to City of Alexandria on 19 May 2020.
  • Awaiting CSXT Force Account Estimate and review comments to VRE responses provided on 10 March 2020.
  • Conducting Non-Destructive Testing and Tree Survey for concrete cores prior to 90% submittal  - 6/11/20

2022 - Anticipated Construction Completion     


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Last updated: 06/30/2020