Brooke Station Improvements

This project will be impacted by DRPT’s Virginia Rail Improvement Program. For more information, visit DRPT’s website. VRE is closely coordinating with DRPT for future plans.

What We’re Doing

Designing and constructing platform improvements to accommodate full-length VRE trains.

How It Will Help

The improvements will better accommodate up to 8-car train consists. All doors will be able to open onto the platform for more efficient boarding and alighting with a reduction in passenger queueing within the train.

How It Is Funded

Funding for this project is provided by Federal and State Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvements (CMAQ), State Rail Enhancement Funds (REF), and State Smart Scale Funds.

When You’ll See It

2021             Final Design Completion

2026             Construction Completion


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Updated 02/26/2020