Crystal City Station Improvements


The VRE Crystal City station is one of the busiest in the system and is the destination for about 18% of VRE riders. However, the existing platform is only 400 feet long and serves one track. VRE trains currently have up to eight cars, and trains could be extended to ten cars in the future requiring a 850-foot platform. A reconfigured station with a longer platform served by two tracks would remove an operational bottleneck and expand train capacity in the most heavily trafficked part of the CSXT RF&P Subdivision. It will also improve the safety and reliability of the railroad.

A new island platform with two platform edges will be designed in the vicinity of the existing VRE Crystal City station. Conceptual plans  will be coordinated with a future fourth track currently under design by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation's DC to Richmond VA (DC2RVA) project. Two grade-separated access points will be provided between the platform and Crystal Drive. The project will also enhance local and regional connectivity by optimizing multimodal access, especially to Metrorail, Crystal City-Potomac Yard Transitway, local buses and shuttles, taxi stand or kiss-and-ride areas, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. 

The current phase of the project will:

  • Identify key factors related to the location and design of the improved station through stakeholder and public outreach;
  • Select a location for an expanded VRE Crystal City station platform based on the railroad geometry and accessibility to Crystal City area destinations;
  • Develop a concept design for the preferred station location to advance into preliminary engineering; and
  • Identify key environmental issues that will need to be addressed in the next phases of project development
The Concept Design plans and videos below were presented at the community meeting held on June 6, 2018. 


Review Presentation Boards Watch the North Entrance Walk-through Video Watch the South Entrance Walk-through Video

PDF - Sept 04, 2018 Responses to Comments from June Outreach


Proposed Timeline for Current Study (Click to Enlarge)

Proposed Timeline for Project (Click to Enlarge)

A public meeting was held on March 30, 2017 to solicit comments on the Proposed Options for the station location, and the Evaluation Factors that should be considered to identify a Preferred Alternative. Two public meetings were held on June 7, 2017 to share the Evaluation of Proposed Options for the station location. The VRE Operations Board was provided a project update on June 16 and September 15, 2017.

The technical analysis had determined that, when compared to the other options, Option 2 provided the highest level of connectivity with local and regional transportation, and had a comparable level of community and environmental impacts. An analysis of rough order of magnitude costs for major elements showed this option was expected to have a moderate cost compared to the other options.

On September 19, 2017, the Arlington County Board accepted Option 2 as VRE's preferred station location to advance into the next phase of project development. On October 20, 2017, the VRE Operations Board approved this option as the preferred station location to conduct more detailed design and evaluation. Concept design was initiated in 2017. 

This phase of the project is funded by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA). Funding for preliminary engineering and environmental analysis has been provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Funding is being sought for final design and construction.


Project Contact: Sonali Soneji, VRE Planning Program Administrator

Project Email:



PDF - Nov 13, 2017 Final Alternatives Analysis Report

PDF - Sep 15, 2017 VRE Operations Board project update

PDF - Sep 08, 2017 Prefinal Alternatives Analysis Report

PDF - Aug 28, 2017 Responses to Comments from June Outreach 

PDF - Jun 16, 2017 VRE Operations Board project update

PDF - Jun 7, 2017 Meeting Handout

PDF - Jun 7, 2017 Meeting Comment Form

PDF - Jun 7, 2017 Meeting Presentation

PDF - Jun 7, 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

PDF - Mar 30, 2017 Community Meeting Presentation

PDF - Mar 30, 2017 Community Meeting Flyer 

PDF - Crystal City Station & Fourth Track (Meet the Management Board)



Funding provided by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority



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