Crystal City Station Improvements

What We're Doing

Expand capacity and improve access to the VRE Crystal City Station.

The current phase will complete Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Documentation. Final Design and Construction Administration are included as optional tasks in the current contract.

How It Will Help

Expansion and relocation of the VRE Crystal City Station to provide two platform edges and serve full-length trains.

This project includes the planning, design, permitting, and construction for an expanded and relocated VRE Crystal City Station and related track modifications in Arlington County, VA. The relocated station will support
simultaneous boarding of two full-length trains. The project will aim to improve station access and customer convenience while improving service reliability. This project is related to and must be coordinated with the fourth
track project between AF and RO interlockings as part of the DC2RVA project, the proposed CC2DCA intermodal connector to Ronald Reagan National Airport, and the Long Bridge Capacity Improvements.

How Is It Funded

Funding for this project is provided by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, Rail Enhancement Fund (Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation), and Federal State of Good Repair Funds.

When You'll See It

2018        Concept Design

2020        Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Documentation

2022        Final Design

2025        Construction


Project Contact: Sonali Soneji, VRE Planning Program Administrator

Project Email:


Last updated: 06/30/2020