Manassas Park Station Parking Expansion

What We’re Doing

Building a new parking garage, upgrading access on Park Center Court from Manassas Drive, and adding a new pedestrian bridge from the garage to the platform at the station with new elevators.

How It Will Help

Station parking overflows the surface parking lot and goes out to Manassas Drive and the City side streets and City parking lots. This demand for parking will increase in the future. These improvements will:

  • Add 560 general and ADA parking spaces in a new garage with ADA compliant access
  • Provide a safe passenger crossing between the garage and platform via a bridge over the NS railroad
  • Offer a second transfer mode (elevator) from the garage and platform in addition to stairs

The VRE station and the proposed parking facility are an integral part of the City Center Redevelopment District, the proposed transit-accessible high-density mixed-use town center of Manassas Park.

How It Is Funded

This project has been funded by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority from planning through final design (100% design). Funding for construction was awarded from the I-66 Outside the Beltway Concessionaire Payment. 

When You’ll See It

2021              Final Design

2022              Anticipated Construction Completion            


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Updated 02/26/2020