Rolling Road Platform Extension

Plans for the Rolling Road Station platform extension


The VRE Rolling Road Station is on the Manassas Line, which runs to the west of the Metro DC area, on Norfolk Southern (NS) tracks. The existing platform accommodates five-car train sets for boarding and detraining. Some passengers must move to different cars for detraining longer trains.  The platform extension project, will build a 250-foot platform extension to accommodate eight-car trains. Design has proceeded to the preliminary design, more specifically to the 60% level. VRE continues to coordinate with NS and with Fairfax County’s potential parking improvements.

During the June 28, 2017 VRE "Meet the Management" event held at the station, comments made by riders included: "We need more parking. When I get to the station at 7:00 a.m. all of the parking spaces are already filled."


This project is fully funded by Federal and State grants.


Design continues and we expect the Construction advertisement and award will be in Spring 2018.


Project Contact: Oscar Gonzalez, VRE Project Manager

Project e-mail:


Last updated: 08/10/2017