Station Facilities Projects

The following is a status update of VRE facilities projects as reported in the March 2019 VRE CEO Report:

Completed projects:

  • Repairs to drainage at Lorton Station entrance


Projects scheduled to be completed this quarter:

  • Replacement of tactile warning strip at L’Enfant Station
  • Repairs to platform concrete at L’Enfant Station
  • Repairs to fascia and soffit at Woodbridge Station east building
  • Replacement of gutters and downspouts at Rippon Station
  • Repairs to platform concrete at Manassas Station
  • Installation of automated parking count system at stations with parking lots


Projects scheduled to be initiated this quarter:

  • Design of platform widening at L’Enfant Station
  • Development of IFB for painting of Franconia-Springfield Station
  • Replacement of signage at additional stations (locations TBD)
  • Development of IFB for pavement repairs and striping at Rippon and Leeland Road Stations and Fredericksburg Lot G


Ongoing projects:

  • Renovations to Alexandria Headquarters Suite 201
  • Development of specifications for modernization of east elevator at Woodbridge Station
  • Development of IFB for canopy roof replacement at Backlick Road Station
  • Replacement of parking lot entrance signs at various stations
  • Replacement of waste and recycling receptacles at various stations