Lorton Station Second Platform

What We’re Doing

Designing and constructing a second, 700-foot-long island platform at Lorton Station, across the tracks from the current platform


How It Will Help

Today, VRE passenger trains serve one platform utilizing just one of the two mainline tracks at Lorton Station. Adding a second platform will:

  • Allow trains to stop at the two platforms on either track and in either direction for optimal operational efficiency
  • Give customers easy access to both platforms, thanks to a new pedestrian overpass with stairs and elevators on each platform
  • Allow for lengthening the platforms an additional 150 feet (up to a total platform length of 850 feet) to accommodate ten-car VRE trains in the future
  • Take into consideration the design for the future third track (the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation’s Atlantic Gateway initiative)


How It is Funded

This project is made possible through funding by several sources: Federal and State Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvements (CMAQ), State Mass Transit, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA), and Fairfax County.


When You’ll See It

2018 – Preliminary Design

2019 – Final Design

2021 – Construction Completion


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Last updated: 08/20/2018