Rippon Station Improvements

What We’re Doing

With the future track projects by DRPT in consideration, the VRE concept design is being revised to account for the changes. An updated cost estimate and schedule are also being prepared.

Extend existing platform with a second pedestrian overpass.

How It Will Help

Extending the existing platform will allow for improved operational efficiency. It will also give customers easy access to the platform via a second pedestrian overpass with stairs and elevators.

The improvements will better accommodate up to 8-car train consists with a forward-looking design that allows for future 10-car train consists. All doors will be able to open onto the platform for more efficient boarding and
alighting with a reduction in passenger queuing within the train.

The current design does not preclude a future third mainline track as part of the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation's DC2RVA planning study.

How It Is Funded

Funding for this project is provided by Federal and State Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvements (CMAQ) and Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA).


When You’ll See It

2020              Final Design Completion

2023              Construction Completion            


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Updated 07/01/2020