VRE System Plan 2040

The VRE Operations Board adopted the VRE System Plan at its January 2014 meeting. The plan provides a framework for VRE system investments and actions VRE should pursue through 2040 to best meet regional travel needs. The system investments and service expansion recommended in the System Plan will enable VRE to carry over 40,000 new weekday trips by 2040, more than double the 19,000 daily trips carried today.
The System Plan investments are grouped into three phases between now and 2040.
  • Phase 1, 2015-2020:  Recommends pursuing relatively low-cost investments in equipment, stations and yard storage to maximize the capacity and service currently allowed in VRE’s current agreements with the CSX and NS railroads.  These projects are included in VRE’s FY2015-2020 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and will expand system capacity to carry up to 25,000 riders per day.
  • Phase 2, 2021-2030:  Focuses on expanding VRE peak period service and introducing new services including reverse peak trains, more express trains and the Gainesville-Haymarket extension. Major railroad investments to relieve the key capacity bottlenecks on the VRE system, including the Long Bridge crossing of the Potomac River, are identified in this phase to support the expanded VRE service.  Without these significant capacity investments, the VRE growth potential will be limited and long-term system capacity still constrained. However, with increased Long Bridge corridor capacity, the full ridership potential of expanded service can be realized.
  • Phase 3, 2031-2040: Contains capital projects to enable continued growth in VRE service and ridership, including completing the triple tracking of the CSX main line between Alexandria and Spotsylvania, as well as additional peak and mid-day service. The system investments included in the plan also create the opportunity for weekend service and VRE-MARC run-through service.

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