Crossroads to Hamilton (Spotsylvania Third Track)

VRE is constructing approximately 2.5 miles of third track on the CSX right of way from the VRE Crossroads Yard to Hamilton. The project will also construct a longer yard lead to accommodate the VRE Spotsylvania Station. 

Phase 1 civil, site, drainage and trackbed work is complete and present work is focused on the final portion of new third track. Project work continues on slope stabilization, retaining walls construction and on the Massaponax Creek Arch Extension.

CSXT track workers completed their Phase 2 cut-in of new switches and signals at Crossroad Interlocking over the weekend of September 26, 2015. The subsequent Phase 3 cut-in is presently scheduled for weekend of November 14, 2015. Additionally, the rehabilitation of the Mine Rd. grade crossing has been completed. The project was completed in May 2016.