Train Crew

VRE Conductors and Engineers operate across our tracks in virtually the same manner every day. Their ability to memorize the territory is paramount to our operational success as well as safety. Our crews are experienced rail veterans who are well versed in knowing how the railroad runs and how a safe railroad should appear. In addition to this experience, they are regularly trained and briefed on various security awareness practices, and are continuously kept informed of possible safety and security concerns based on incidents that may have occurred in or outside the US.

In addition, our crews are trained on appropriate responses to daily incidents such a medical emergencies and situations requiring non-medical intervention. They are also heavily trained in large scale incidents that could adversely impact other passengers and trains, such as fires, explosions and derailments.

In order to reinforce these safety practices VRE’s train crews receive AED/CPR training and participate in an annual full scale emergency simulation that is conducted by VRE.