Fare Increase and Budgeting


Each summer we begin preparing the budget for the following fiscal year based on known factors and educated estimations.


In the fall, we present information to the VRE Operations Board and begin the discussion on expected costs, revenues, priorities, and options for achieving a balanced budget while delivering a quality service.


The VRE Operations Board is asked to adopt the recommended budget and refer it to the Commissions. The Commissions - Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) & Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) - then review the budget and refer to the jurisdictions for their review and adoption.


What this Means to You as a Rider
We carefully and thoughtfully construct our budget, and we look for ways to further reduce costs throughout the process. While we do all we can internally to control costs, there are factors beyond our control that will increase our costs year after year. These factors include the implementation of a federally mandated Positive Train Control system, and contractual increases in track access and train operations. Our fiscal year starts July 1, which correlates to any necessary fare increases.


In 2018, Virginia Railway Express (VRE) held a series of public hearings to solicit comments on a proposed fare increase averaging approximately 3%. The VRE Operations Board acted on the FY2020 Budget, including the fare increase, on December 14, 2018

Below, find the 2018 public hearing information. View the corresponding presentation.

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General information on public hearings: The public hearings are conducted in locations accessible to persons with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities who require special assistance or need to request a sign language interpreter, please contact VRE by e-mail at or call at (703) 838-5433 or TTY (703) 684-0551 at least ten business days prior to the public hearing you’re planning to attend. For information about the VRE Operations Board, visit:

Comments: Deadlines for written comments are announced at the time a date is set for a public hearing. Written comments can be mailed to: Public Comment, 1500 King Street, Suite 202, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. Comments may also be submitted via email to or via fax at (703) 684-1313.