Group Fares

When groups of 10 or more travel together, it is recommended that the coordinator contact VRE to arrange the purchase of special tickets so the crew can be made aware of your travel plans and can assist where needed. VRE requires 10 working days of notice for all group travel.

As an incentive to groups to contact VRE before making their travel arrangements, we will provide the special tickets for those groups willing to comply with our scheduling recommendations at the 10-Trip ticket rate (8% off the cost of a single ride ticket) for adults and a 50% reduced fare rate for students (grades K-12). We will still need at least 10 days to order the tickets and mail them to you in a timely fashion. Interested groups should call our office at 800-743-3873 for assistance.

Your payment must accompany your Group Travel Request form unless you wish to purchase your group tickets with a credit card. In such cases, you can phone in your credit card information (not accepted electronically) and fax your request form to us.

Download the Printable Group Form to begin your Group Travel via VRE.