VRE Transit Link Card (TLC)

What is the VRE-TLC?

VRE-TLC (Virginia Railway Express - Transit Link Card) is a joint fare card good for travel on both VRE and Metro.

Who is the TLC for?

The TLC is for passengers seeking unlimited trips on VRE and Metrorail for one calendar month for one low price.

How much does the TLC currently cost?


Zone of Origin Fare
9 $450.80
8 $430.00
6 $391.20
5 $370.40
4 $351.00
3 $330.20


NOTE: The VRE-TLC ticket is exempt from the reduced-fare discount.

The paper version of the TLC is going away as part of the WMATA effort to end paper fare media, with the December 2015 TLC’s (sold as of Nov. 10th) as the paper tickets to be sold. The paper TLC is being replaced by a Pre-Loaded WMATA SmarTrip card + VRE Sticker-based version. 

The new SmarTrip + Sticker TLC will work similarly to the old paper version. A flash-pass/visual inspection on VRE, and scanned (like any SmarTrip) on WMATA. The new card + Sticker TLC will ONLY be sold by Commuter Direct. All the other vendors who sold the paper TLC will no longer sell TLC’s after this change.