Lost & Found

Lost and Found Procedure for Personal Items
If you leave something on a VRE train fill out our on-line Lost Item Report or if you don't have Internet access, call us between 7:00a and 7:00p at 800-743-3873 as soon as you realize the item is missing. When reporting a lost item, it is important to provide as much detail as possible to help distinguish your property from similar items.
Items that are found on the trains are collected and tagged. If we find an item that you have reported as missing, we will contact you. You must have a photo ID to recover your item from Lost and Found. All items will be kept at the VRE Office in Alexandria for pick-up. Items are only kept in Lost and Found for 30 days. 
For health reasons, food items must be claimed by 6:30 pm on the day that they arrive at VRE. All food items left after that time will be discarded.
If you lose an item on an Amtrak train, you must call 1-800-USA-RAIL to report it.
Lost and Found Procedure for Tickets
Like the procedure for item retrieval fill out our on-line Lost Ticket Report or call the VRE Office to report a lost ticket. If your ticket is found, we will contact you and make arrangements to return it to you. All tickets can be mailed to your home address or you may stop by our office and pick it up.
If you lose a Monthly ticket that is not found within 48 hours of reporting it missing, you are eligible for a replacement ticket. Simply call us again to confirm that the ticket was not found, and we can mail a new Monthly ticket to you or you can stop by our office to pick it up. (Proof of purchase may be required.) 
If you lose a TLC ticket that is not found within 48 hours of reporting it missing, you are eligible for a replacement for the portion of the ticket that provides travel on the VRE. Please see our VRE-TLC page for details. (Proof of purchase may be required, so please retain your receipt when purchasing your TLC ticket.)
We will do our best to recover lost items and tickets, however, we are not responsible for them. You must have a valid ticket prior to boarding a VRE train, so it is your responsibility to purchase a new ticket to use until the missing ticket surfaces.
Lost and Found Hours and Location
VRE passengers may retrieve their items from the VRE Office at 1500 King Street in Alexandria, which is open weekdays from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.