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Worried about an upcoming Metro shutdown? Don't stress quite yet! VRE might be able to help.

VRE isn't just for long distance commuters traveling into Washington, D.C. from Fredericksburg and Manassas. We can also support commutes into the district that start as far north as Franconia-Springfield and Alexandria.

In fact, during select WMATA's shutdowns, we'll have customer service representatives at our Alexandria Station (near the Metro King Street station) to help answer questions about VRE service. You most likely have some questions now, including: 

Where are the VRE stops? What line should I ride?

As in our name, we operate in Virginia. Our service largely coincides with the southern half of WMATA's blue and yellow lines, and our final stop is Washington Union Station. Many of our stations are located near Metro stops.

If you are just traveling between Alexandria and Union Station, take any VRE train! Our stops at Union Station, L'Enfant, Crystal City, and Alexandria are served by both our Fredericksburg and Manassas line trains. In other words, whether you purchased a ticket for the Manassas line or the Fredericksburg line, if you're just traveling between Zones 1 and 2, you can ride any VRE train.

If you are traveling from Franconia-Springfield, ride our Fredericksburg line. If you are traveling from Burke Centre, take our Manassas line.

While we cannot fully predict seating capacity, you may also consider reviewing historical data of which trains typically offer more seats

When does VRE run?

VRE is primarily a commuter train, and as such, most trains operate during rush hour. Riders who live Alexandria or north may ride either our Fredericksburg or Manassas line (this allows for more frequent train times). Trains typically run north in the morning, and south in the evening. However, we do have some trains that we call reverse flow trains which run in the opposite direction as the majority of our other trains.

How do I purchase a ticket?

The easiest way to determine your fare and purchase a ticket is with VRE Mobile. VRE Mobile accepts credit cards and transit benefits. Please note that tickets must be validated prior to boarding one of our trains, per Virginia law. 



  1. Download VRE Mobile from iTunes or Google Play, then create an account
  2. Select Fare – choose which line you want to ride, your stations and fare type, and then press “Checkout”
  3. Pay – enter your credit card, debit card and/or SmartBenefits account number (if paying with SmartBenefits, make sure you allocate your funds to VRE Mobile first)
  4. Validate & Show Ticket – before boarding your train, select “My Tickets” from the VRE Mobile menu, choose the ticket you want to use, and tap “Use Ticket” – show this screen when the conductor asks to see your ticket



Riders may also utilize select Amtrak trains with their VRE multi-ride ticket (Monthly, Five Day and Ten-Ride) along with the purchase of a $4.00 Step-Up ticket. More information can be found here.

How can I learn more?

For more information, visit the new rider information of our site.