The VRE Operations Board will hold a special all-virtual meeting on Monday, January 29, 2024, via Webex and stream live for public viewing on VRE's YouTube channel.  In accordance with state legal provisions, the virtual meeting will not be changed to an in-person meeting without a new meeting notice. To report audio or visual failure of the live stream, please call (347) 762-2314. The minutes of this meeting will be posted to this page. 


Minutes **

Consent Items:

5A - Authorization to Issue a GEC VIII Task Order for Final Design Services for Alexandria Station Improvements

5B - Authorization to Amend the GEC VIII Task Order for Engineering Support for the Crossroads MSF Employee Parking Project

5C - Authorization to Amend the Contract for Final Design Services for the VRE Crystal City Station Improvements Project

5D - Adoption of the 2024 VRE Operations Board Meeting Schedule

      5D-Attachment - 2024 VRE Operations Board Meeting Calendar

5E - Recommend Authorization to Submit USDOT FY2024 RAISE Grant Application

Written public comments for this meeting may be submitted until 8:00 a.m. on January 29, 2024 via the Public Comments Form.

**Indicates an update made after the meeting