Buying VRE Tickets

VRE Mobile

Now you can buy and use VRE tickets and passes instantly on your smartphone – anytime, anywhere! Download from the Google Play or iTunes App Store today!

  • No paper tickets to keep track of
  • No need to stop at a ticket vending machine
  • Split payment between two cards, or a card and SmartBenefits
  • Purchase tickets at your convenience, then just validate before boarding the train
  • Must have VRE Mobile app on your smartphone in order to validate tickets 




Station Vending Machines

Use a credit card to purchase from our ticket vending machines located on the platforms at all stations. 

Please Note: The ticket vending machines at the stations do not accept cash.


Purchase with SmartBenefits,

Contact your benefits coordinator or human resources director, or have them call 202-962-1326 to find out more about this transit voucher program which can save both the employer and the employee MONEY!

Validate Your Ticket

Tickets are not sold on board VRE trains. Virginia law (section 18.2-160.1) requires passengers to purchase and validate tickets before boarding. Single-Ride and Ten-Trip tickets must be validated at the ticket vending machines in station entrance areas. Any passenger that is unable to validate their ticket by use of the validation machine must speak with the conductor prior to boarding the train. Passengers observed onboard without a valid ticket are subject to a fine of not less than $100.

Ticket Refunds

*IMPORTANT: Tickets purchased with Transit Benefits are NOT eligible for refunds.*

  • Monthly Paper Tickets are refundable with proof of purchase and under the following conditions:
    • If you request a refund before the effective month begins, we will refund your purchase 100%
    • If your request is made during service days 1-13 of the effective month, you will receive the Monthly Ticket purchase price minus two Single-ride full fares applicable to the origin and destination zone pairing for each service day operated prior to the post mark on the returned ticket.
    • No refunds for Monthly Tickets past the 13th service day will be granted. 
  • 31-Day, Ten-Trip, Round-Trip, Step-Up and Single-Ride Tickets are nonrefundable. However, in some cases, we can make exchanges.
  • All tickets expire one year from the date of purchase. Once a ticket expires, it CANNOT be exchanged (this includes Free Ride Certificates).
  • Non-expired tickets will be considered for an exchange on a case-by-case basis. No refunds will be given for exchanges that result in a lower priced ticket.
  • Tickets can only be exchanged one time. All new tickets from an exchange must be used within one year. Those tickets that have been exchanged CANNOT be exchanged again.


Please include the Refund and  Exchange Request Form along with your refund request.

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