VRE currently has 100 non-uniformed, armed and sworn law enforcement officers in its Undercover LEO program.

These officers are regular VRE riders and are represented on all VRE trains. In addition to carrying the official capacity to make arrests at any locality within the VRE system, they travel armed and are available to assist VRE Train Crews in the event of a possible emergency or felony taking place on board our trains.

VRE also contracts armed private security guards for our rail yards located at Crossroads and Broad Run. These guards provide asset protection and access control, as well as maintain perimeter security throughout the day and night. They also assist local and regional law enforcement.

A network of visible, as well as concealed, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) at select stations and other locations throughout the VRE system have proven invaluable to VRE, law enforcement and our host railroad companies at assisting passengers, deterring criminal acts as well as providing clear witness to activities occurring through the VRE system. Given our great success with the CCTV program, we will continue to expand this camera network as additional funding becomes available.

If you wish to become an Undercover LEO, please send an email to [email protected] to get on the waiting list.

If you witness or are responding to incident aboard the train, please fill out and email the form provided below:


Responding Officer Incident Report

This form is to be used by all members of VRE’s undercover law enforcement program members in the event of a “Code 29” response. Upon completion, please submit form to VRE’s Manager of System Safety and Security.

Incident Information

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