Some choose to wear headphones while commuting. We understand that listening to music is one of the perks of riding the train or the use of noise cancelling headphones may be a “sound” investment for those who like absolute silence in the quiet car. However, if you do wear headphones, please keep a few things in mind:

1. It's courteous.

Keep the volume of your electronics turned down low, one, as a courtesy to those around you.

2. It's for your safety.

Also, keeping the volume low is for your own safety. If an emergency occurs, announcements about that emergency will be made over the PA system.

3. We don't want you to miss your stop.

Announcements are made for each station stop. Please do not only allow rely on the scrolling screens on board the train to see if you are approaching your stop.

We understand that riders wish to be as comfortable as they can while riding our trains. But remember, train announcements are there for a reason and if you hear them playing, you may wish to take a second and listen.