At any given time throughout the day or night, Virginia Railway Express' property is host to dozens of contractors, sub-contractors and right-of-entry personnel who enable us to move passengers between their work and home safely. Dozens more are seeking access to our property to accomplish a business purpose.

Because each of us plays a crucial role in the safety and security of this system, this page was created to familiarize you with our operating environment and our requirements for how we expect you and all of your employees to conduct themselves when on or about VRE property. Adherence to the safety and security policies and content on this page are a condition of your admission onto VRE property. Remember, you are accountable for your safety.

If you are planning to bid on, recently awarded or hold a current VRE contract opportunity, you and all of your employees who will support VRE projects are required to watch this video before you arrive for your first day of work.





Rules to Live By

Rules to Live By are VRE's basic rules for those working on or about our property. All personnel are governed by these rules and strict adherence to these rules is not only essential for your safety, but necessary to be permitted on the premises. Download your copy here or contact us to request one by mail.