VRE currently has 100 cars in service. Our coaches consist exclusively of Gallery-style cars.

The chart below indicates how many cars are usually on each train.  As the make-up of a train can vary, and since each type of car has a different number of seats, the number is estimated for a typical train of the listed length.

Since ridership is higher midweek, check out the "Train Utilization Trends" page to see which trains have more seat availability on the busiest days.  




Quantity: 20
Locomotive Type: MP-36
Locomotive Numbers: V50 - V69





Quantity Car Type   Seats   Car Numbers
21  Gallery IV Cab Cars 123 V710 - V730
49  Gallery IV Trailers with restroom 130 V800 - V848
30  Gallery IV Trailers no restroom 140 V850 - V879





Consist Lengths