VRE riders that do not utilize Metro can park at Franconia/Springfield station and pay the same regular daily rate as Metro users.

VRE passengers must have a monthly, 10-trip, or 5-day pass. These passengers will require a special SmarTrip card issued by VRE. Though the card is good for a calendar year, use of this courtesy will be verified monthly. Since qualifying for the Metro rider rate must be confirmed each month, VRE riders must purchase their VRE tickets through VRE Mobile.


Getting a Card

All cards will be issued at VRE Headquarters located at 1500 King Street, Suite 202 Alexandria, VA 22314 and can be picked up by persons with zone 3-1 or 3-2 tickets that utilize Franconia Station.  Passengers will be required to show their paper tickets, and those already on mobile will have their zones verified. They will need to provide their name, current mailing address, email and phone number that are associated with their mobile accounts. 

Cards will not be mailed, and those wanting to participate will need to pay the full non-Metro user price until they have picked up their card. 


Associated Costs

The first card is free of charge.  Passengers can load the amount they want on the card, and are strongly urged to register their card with WMATA.  Balances on cards that are not registered that are lost or stolen will not be refunded. There will be a fee for replacing the original card if lost or stolen. 

For information on costs and procedures, please visit Metro's website.


Need help switching to VRE Mobile?

Anyone not currently on mobile can fill out a form to have VRE provide assistance with setting up an account.